Zenyatta pictures are worth a million words

Think maybe Zenyatta’s loss in last Saturday’s Breeders’ Cup Classic diminished her legacy any? Well, think again.

These three photos, taken by Churchill Downs photographers the morning after her defeat, show that, if anything, Zenyatta mania was alive and well early Sunday morning as she grazed behind her barn.

From left to right, 4-year-old Davis Rogers, son of Churchill Downs senior director of communications and media services Darren Rogers, gets to meet his heroine up close and personal; fans line up alongside a chain link fence on Longfield Avenue behind Zenyatta’s barn to watch the superstar mare demonstrate a few of her dance moves; and media members inside the track and her fans outside take in a scene that will be difficult to duplicate anytime soon.

As far as I can tell, there’s no truth to the rumors that Zenyatta will be retired soon to negotiate a deal for an appearance on next season’s Dancing With the Stars.

Click on any or all three of the thumbnail mugs to get a larger look.

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4 thoughts on “Zenyatta pictures are worth a million words

  1. If Zenyatta does not receive the Horse Of the Year award. it simply makes the award meaningless. She has been passed by twice to my amazment. She is and always will be the QUEEN of Horse Racing and an award cannot change the memories she gave to all us who admire perfection. As in Man of War UPSET to UPSET. Perfection will always remind me of the GREAT ZENYATTA.

    As for Seth Hancock and his negative responces make him appear to be an insecure idiot and we know that is not true. However, I would love to see Blame break bad from the gate, be 20-lenghts behind, pass all the other 10 horses of the 12 including Zenyatta and
    Blame and lose be a nose…. then I MIGHT see him a Horse of the Year……

    We love you Zenyatta No horse could ever gain the admiration that you have. You gave us the dream and you fulfilled it……..

    To the greatest FILLY and possibly Horse that ever lived.

    I love ya Big Girl and I dance to YOU

  2. Let See…
    Everybody is taking shots at everybody else.
    There’s the Rachael Crowd, then There’s The Zenyatta Crowd, They all seem to think there horse is the best and the greatest….hummmmm, okay let’s clear the air here….First off…the “First” Filly to be declared the best/brightest (etc..etc) happens to be the one and only “RUFFIAN”. If you doubt me..then ask Bill Nyack for references on Ruffian..He followed her around for her entire racing carreer. And besides, Ruffian will always be the reigning queen of racing…thats a given. (death does very little to change fame).


    PS: I was there at the match race that took Ruffian’s life.

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