They’re talking Super Bowl out at Santa Anita

Santa Anita publicity official Ed Golden solicited the following opinions from jockeys, trainers, jockey agents and Daily Racing Form writers regarding Super Bowl XLV:

BARRY ABRAMS: “Green Bay. You have to go with any team that wins three playoff games on the road.”

STEVE ANDERSEN: “Green Bay. Their running defense is very good.”

RON ANDERSON: “Packers.”

BOB BAFFERT: “Green Bay. I was watching NFL Tonight and they all gave the edge to Green Bay.”

BRIAN BEACH: “The Packers. I have relatives in Wisconsin.”

DAVID BERNSTEIN: “Green Bay in a close one.”

BRICE BLANC (a native of Lyon, France): “I want Boston to win.”

JIM CASSIDY: “I can’t believe Pittsburgh is a dog. You have to take the points.”

VLADIMIR CERIN: “Pittsburgh in a landslide.”

VINCE DEGREGORY: “Pittsburgh. They’ve been there before.”

EDDIE DELAHOUSSAYE: “The Steelers. Take the underdog.”

RON EBANKS: “Pittsburgh.”

JERRY FANNING: “Green Bay. The team I like got beat (the Jets).”

JOE FERRER: “I like Pittsburgh plus two. Green Bay has no running game.”

BRAD FREE: “Green Bay, 23-17.”

MARK GLATT: “I’d like to see Green Bay win, but Pittsburgh has the experience.”

GARRETT GOMEZ: “Pittsburgh and Roethlisberger.”

ERIC GUILLOT: “Pittsburgh. They’re the better team.”

JORGE GUITERREZ: “Green Bay. I’m a Vikings’ fan and they’re in the same division.”

DAN HENDRICKS: “It should be a good defensive game and a real tight game. I’m taking over and Green Bay.”

JERRY HOLLENDORFER: “Pittsburgh. I think they’re the best team and they’ve been there before and won it twice.”


BOB IKE: “I’m going with my gut: Pittsburgh. But my Super Bowl is in the first race with Working At Night. If she can win for Summit Racing and our partners, I really don’t care who wins the game.”

MARTY JONES: “I’m rooting for Green Bay.”

STEVE KNAPP: “Green Bay.”

TOM KNUST: “Green Bay.”

ERIC KRULJAC: “I’m shocked that Pittsburgh is an underdog, but I can’t stand Pittsburgh, so Green Bay.”

CRAIG LEWIS: “Aaron Rodgers is the best quarterback in the NFL. But more important, we’re both alumni from the same university–California.”

MIKE MACHOWSKY: “Green Bay. It seems like Pittsburgh’s just there to party. I see those guys on TMZ all the time.”


RON MCANALLY: “Green Bay is the better team.”

CHRIS MCCARRON: “I’m rooting for Green Bay but I think Pittsburgh’s going to win.”

SCOTT MCCLELLAN: “Pittsburgh. I’m rooting for Hammer (Rick Hammerle). I hope it gets him to relax.”

MARK MOLINA: “Green Bay. Aaron Rodgers’ stats inside a dome are huge.”

BRANDON O’BRYAN: “The Steelers.”

CRAIG O’BRYAN: “Pittsburgh. Experience and their running back (Rashard Mendenhall).”

DENNIS O’NEILL: “I love Green Bay. They’re playing so good right now.”

DOUG O’NEILL: “Pittsburgh and Roethlisberger. It’s easy. All the pundits are picking Green Bay, so I’m going the opposite.”

BRAD PEGRAM: “Green Bay.”

JIM PEGRAM: “Green Bay. Aaron Rodgers will crush.”

TOM PROCTOR: “I don’t know. I’m not a big football fan. I like horse racing.”

JOHN SADLER: “I’m picking the Steelers. I don’t have a real rooting interest in either team. Just going with my head, I think the Steelers are a little bit better.”

JOHN SHIRREFFS: “Pittsburgh.”

RICHIE SILVERSTEIN: “Steelers. You gotta love the dog.”

CLIFF SISE JR.: “Pittsburgh.”

MIKE SMITH: “I hope Green Bay wins. My team didn’t make it (the Jets).”

BILL SPAWR: “Green Bay has too many weapons and a great defense.”

GARY STEVENS: “Green Bay is doing everything right. It should be a great game. Green Bay and under.”

GARY STUTE: “The Packers. Every one I know likes Pittsburgh, so I’m going the other way.”

MEL STUTE: “Green Bay. They’ve got the best colors.”

DAN WARD: “Pittsburgh. Their quarterback has experience in the Super Bowl and you can’t run on Pittsburgh.”

DON WARREN: “Pittsburgh and the points.”

GARY YOUNG: “Pittsburgh with the points and on the money line. They’ve got a bunch of players with Super Bowl experience. Green Bay has two.”

HOWARD ZUCKER: “Pittsburgh even up and with the points, and under.”

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