Intensity everywhere at Redlands-Occidental showdown

The football teams from Redlands and Occidental squared off for the SCIAC championship Saturday night in Eagle Rock. Sure it was only the first conference game for Redlands and the second for Oxy. But everyone knows these are the only two teams really in the hunt.

The game was close as expected with Oxy prevailing 28-21.

A few things were troubling. A total of 17 penalties were called on the Bulldogs, just three were called on the home team. That is a big enough difference for concern. Also consider that Redlands had been called for just 15 total penalties its previous three games combined. Six of the penalties were called on one Redlands drive late in the fourth quarter.

Bulldogs coach Mike Maynard is going to see it one way. And yes I want the team I cover to win so I want to side with him.

So I asked Pomona-Pitzer coach Roger Caron, who can be a more subjective observer. His team plays Redlands this week so he has seen the film. He admitted there were some questionable calls made.

The other thing I hate to see is a stadium with all the stands on one side. This forces all the fans from both teams to intermingle which can cause trouble in games like this where there is passion on both sides and so much is on the line. There were harsh words being thrown about by both sides, especially in the fourth quarter when penalty after penalty was being called on the visiting team.

It didn’t quite come to blows. But having seating on both sides of the field really cuts down the possibility of that happening.

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