Coyote volleyball team still cruising

There was no looking ahead for the Cal State San Bernardino volleyball team.

The Coyotes may be facing their longtime nemesis UC San Diego Saturday but they tuned up for that rivalry match dismantling Cal State Los Angeles 30-16, 30-17, 30-26 Friday at Coussoulis Arena. The Coyotes (21-1, 13-0) played perfect volleyball the first two games, then withstood a minor challenge in the third game.

And to think this team has just two seniors.

The Coyotes, ranked No. 2 nationally, now have a commanding four-game lead in the CCAA and have a two-game cushion in the Region. So it looks like they will get to host the Pacific Region tournaent Nov. 15-17.

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Experts weigh in on big game

San Bernardino Valley College and Chaffey had both hoped to
figure into the Foothill Conference title picture this season but those
hopes have faded. Its College of the Desert (8-0) and Antelope Valley
(7-0) battling for the title Saturday in Palm Desert.

The local coaches picked different winners. SBVC coach Pat Meech
likes Antelope Valley. Chaffey coach Carl Beach picks Desert. But Beach
defers to Meech because the Wolverines have played both while his team
still has yet to see Antelope Valley first hand.

SBVC lost to Desert 27-14 last week and 22-6 to Antelope the week

Chaffey lost to Desrt 50-17 two weeks ago

“I like Antelope. They’re defense is pretty stinking good.” Meech
said. “I think they’ll find enough offense. It is tough going against
their defense.”

One thing is unanimous . . . everyone happy it won’t be Grossmont.

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SBVC falters in Foothill showdown

It has been a decade since San Bernardino Valley College last won a
Foothill Conference title in football. Unless the Wolverines can pull
off an upset this Saturday, it will be another year too.

Three teams started play last weekend without a conference loss. Two
of those squared off with Antelope Valley beating the Wolverines 22-6 in
Lancaster. It won’t get any easier. Next up is College of the Desert
(7-0) which is probably better than the team SBVC just played.

SBVC now needs help. It has to beat Desert and hope Desert beats

Pat Meech has done an admirable job rebuilding a program that was in
decline. But this week’s game will test the character and mental makeup
of his team.

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SBVC can’t get the job done at Antelope

The San Bernardino Valley College football team now needs an upset and a little bit of help if it is going to claim its first Foothill Conference title in a decade. Three teams headed into play last weekend without a conference loss and two went head-to head as SBVC treked to Antelope Valley, only to come up a 22-6 loser.

The task gets tougher. Saturday they will host College of the Desert, which is also unbeaten in conference play and looms as an even more fromidable foe. While Antelope Valley boasts the state’s No. 1 defense, it offense only does just enough to get by. Desert (7-0) has run roughshod over everyone and looks like the clear cut favorite.

So SBVC has to win this one, then hope Desert beats Antelope Valley.

Pat Meech has done an admirable job rebuilding a program that had been in steady decline. There were a lot of long faces and obvious disappointment in the huddle when Meech addressed the team after the game. We’ll see what character this team has when it takes the field this week for what now looms as a must-win

Intensity everywhere at Redlands-Occidental showdown

The football teams from Redlands and Occidental squared off for the SCIAC championship Saturday night in Eagle Rock. Sure it was only the first conference game for Redlands and the second for Oxy. But everyone knows these are the only two teams really in the hunt.

The game was close as expected with Oxy prevailing 28-21.

A few things were troubling. A total of 17 penalties were called on the Bulldogs, just three were called on the home team. That is a big enough difference for concern. Also consider that Redlands had been called for just 15 total penalties its previous three games combined. Six of the penalties were called on one Redlands drive late in the fourth quarter.

Bulldogs coach Mike Maynard is going to see it one way. And yes I want the team I cover to win so I want to side with him.

So I asked Pomona-Pitzer coach Roger Caron, who can be a more subjective observer. His team plays Redlands this week so he has seen the film. He admitted there were some questionable calls made.

The other thing I hate to see is a stadium with all the stands on one side. This forces all the fans from both teams to intermingle which can cause trouble in games like this where there is passion on both sides and so much is on the line. There were harsh words being thrown about by both sides, especially in the fourth quarter when penalty after penalty was being called on the visiting team.

It didn’t quite come to blows. But having seating on both sides of the field really cuts down the possibility of that happening.