Looking for a rooting interest in March Madness

Since my Florida Gators crashed and burned this season and have been relegated to NIT status, I have to find another rooting interest just to make March Madness more interesting.

Who doesn’t like Darren Collison’s game? I saw him play at Etiwanda High School and I’ll always root for a native. But everyone in Southern California is rooting for the Bruins, right? So that’s boring.

So I’ll pick a couple of other teams. First I’ll throw my support to the Miami Hurricanes. That shouldn’t happen because Gators can’t (shouldn’t) root for the Hurricanes in anything. But Lance Hurdle starts at guard and I followed him last season at San Bernardino Valley College. I like his game and he’s a nice individual and that trumps whatever I might have against the school he chose to play for.

He scored seven points in the Hurricanes win over St. Mary’s. So far, so good.

Next, lets take San Diego. A semi-local tie there. Booker Harris coached with Jeff Oliver at Cal State San Bernardino last year and is now director of basketball operations at San Diego (although not quite sure what that title means). It was sad to see him depart but was a great career move for him.

Bill Carr, who used to coach at UC San Diego, is also there as an assistant. I always liked what he did with his team in the CCAA. Always gave the Coyotes fits and made the most of his talent.

And the Toreros pulled off an upset inthe first round, beating UConn.

Keep the Cinderella stories coming!

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