Still no hoops coach at SBVC

Here it is mid June and San Bernardino Valley College still has not named a men’s basketball coach. That formality was supposed to be taken care of today at the monthy meeting of the school’s Board of Trustees but that regular meeting has been pushed back two weeks.

Before the season was even over Gerry Wright was told he was not getting the nod yet the process has dragged on.

School administrators aren’t making it easy on whoever steps in. Recruiting must be done and kids want to know who their coach is going to be. And there aren’t many quality players still available this late in the process.

Who ever gets the nod will be the school’s fourth coach in as many years. The most likely successor is Quincy Brewer, Wright’s assistant last year. The school’s trend in that stretch has been to elevate the assistant rather than to go outside and that appointment would follow suit.

SBVC is also looking for a women’s softball coach. although there isn’t quite the sense of urgency since that season doesn’t start until February. That search is still in the early stages.

Women’s soccer coach Kristin Hauge took over that program last season when the previous coach bailed in Ocotober. She did an admirable job. If it weren’t for her the school probably would not have been able to field a team.

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