Chaffey women help a coach in need

A small gesture can say a lot about the character of a team and its individuals. In this case it’s the Chaffey College women’s volleyball team that deserves a pat on the back.

Over the weekend coach Larry Chowan took his team to a tournament at Santa Ana college. It is one he takes his team to pretty much every year since he is a long-time friend of Santa Ana coach Troy Abbey, who coached his daughter Leslie in club ball.

Abbey has 6-year-old twin boys, one of whom has battling leukemia for the better part of three years and is on his second round of chemotherapy.

Chowan asked his players if they would mind chipping in a couple of dollars each from their school-allotted meal money to give to the coach to put toward the boy’s medical expenses. While it wouldn’t make a dent, he knew his friend would appreciate the gesture and it would show others in the volleyball community are thinking about him in what has to be a tough time.

Team captains Tara Sawyer and Colleen Chauncey discussed it with their peers and to Chowan’s surprise, most gave back almost all their money. Chowan presented the money in a card signed by the team.

Chowan said he left it totally up to his players and did not pressure them to chip in. He expected a collection of $40 or $50 but ended up with around $120. Not only did most players give back their entire meal money per diem, parents of some of the players also chipped in.

Sometimes the best stories aren’t about wins and losses.

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