Las Vegas a popular spot for college teams

Las Vegas seems to be the place for Division II basketball as the city hosted several events this week with Cal State San Bernardino and Cal Poly Pomona playing at different venues.

The Broncos needed more than 24 hours to make what should be a four-hour trip because of the eight inches of snow that blanketed the area. It took nearly seven hours for the team to make it from the school to Laughlin where it could go no further and had to spend the night.

The next day it took almost four to make what is typically a 90-minute at most trip from there to Las Vegas.

The team vans were stopped for hours at a time. The players took time to get out and stretch their legs. They had snowball fights and built a snowman.

Games the first day had to be called off. Not only could the Broncos not get into Vegas until late that night, but Cal State Stanislaus had its flight from Sacramento to Vegas canceled.

Cal Poly eventually got to Vegas but Stanislaus pulled a low-class move and bailed on the tournament. The Warriors could have gotten out the next day and still played their second of two games in the event on Friday. But they opted not to try and reschedule their flight.

That left Central Washington without a game. That school was one of the host teams and spent $13,000 between its stay and the cost of hosting the event. And yet it never played.

It has a right to be upset.

Word gets out about such moves so it wouldn’t be surprising if the Warriors weren’t invited back.

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