Foothill Conference coaches keeping mum

The Foothill Conference basketball coaches met Sunday at San Bernardino Valley College to decide on postseason accolades – Player of the Year, Coach of the Year, the first-team, etc.

Well the women’s coaches were fine discussing the outcome afterward. But the men’s coaches made a pact to keep mum on the results until after the playoffs are completed. It seems some are worried that individual honors will get in the way and disrupt team chemistry. That’s ridiculous. This is college we’re talking about and one would think that shouldn’t be an issue.

Chaffey coach Jeff Klein said it wasn’t as much of an issue with his team because it is clear who is the best player and even the second best player. But he went along with the wishes of his colleagues.

SBVC coach Quincy Brewer agreed with his peers, saying there are reasons these players are at a junior college. Maturity is indeed the issue more often than not.

The Wolverines, who won the conference, might be one of those teams most affected because they have a lot of balance with no one player being the definite star. Different players had good games against different teams.

Antelope Valley was similar in that way.

So stay tuned!

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