Broncos move up, Coyotes back in regional poll

The Cal Poly Pomona men’s basketball team moved up from fourth to third in the latest Division II West Regional poll released today. Cal State San Bernardino checked back in at No. 10 but will have to work its way up to at least No. 8 to advance to the postseason.

The Broncos have won eight straight games.

Both local teams will be on the road for their last two road games – San Francisco State and Monterey Bay, neither of which is a gimme.

The biggest fall was by Humboldt State which dropped out from sixth after losing to both local teams last weekend.

What it all means is that this year’s CCAA men’s tournament should be a dandy. Last year the top four teams had already sewed up spots in the regional and while they may not have exactly “thrown” their tournament games. They weren’t exactly upset at losing them either.

This year teams are playing for their lives. Humboldt, a perennial West region power, needs to get back in and both San Bernardino and San Diego need to move up. Even Dominguez Hills has a lot at stake as it is in position to host a sub-regional.

1. Brigham Young-Hawaii 18-1 14-0
2. Cal State Dominquez Hills 19-4 19-4
3. Cal Poly Pomona 14-5 14-5
4. Central Washington 13-5 12-5
5. Western Washington 12-5 11-5
6. Seattle Pacific 16-6 14-5
7. St. Martin’s 17-7 14-5
8. Chaminade 12-5 10-4
9. UC San Diego 14-7 14-7
10. Cal State San Bernardino 14-8 14-8

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