Chaffey surges past SBVC

The Chaffey College baseball team scored five unearned runs and went on to beat San Bernardino Valley College 8-3.

The Panthers are closing in on another Foothill Conference title and winning the first in the three-game series was a big step.

The game featured quite a huge bruhaha in the first inning. Chafffey’s Gerry Hernandez singled home a run but got caught between first and second and was tagged out. The ump missed the call and Hernandez was called safe.

That brought SBVC coach Bill Mierzwik out of the dugout to dispute the call. After the umpires talked a few minutes they overturned the original call and said Hernandez was out, which was the right call.

But overrule a call and you’re guaranteed a visit from the other coach, which is what happened. Chaffey coach Jeff Harlow went out to argue and argue he did. It only took a few seconds for coach and umpire to be full throttle mode, chest to chest.

The two went at for a couple of minutes before Halrow left the field – without being tossed. I can’t say that I have ever seen a baseball game with that heated of a dispute where someone wasn’t tossed.

Harlow said the ump bumped him first which it did appear. But these days if you breath in the wrong direction you get tossed. Don’t know how Harlow lived to see the rest of that one.

The teams play again Saturday at Chaffey – doubleheader at noon. With four teams jockeying for position the Wolverines need to play witha sense of urgency.

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