La Verne not killing women’s tennis after all

Upon further review and after obtaining an important agreement involving off-campus facility usage, University of La Verne Interim Athletic Director Julie Kline announced that the women’s tennis program will continue as an intercollegiate athletic sport.

Kline said that following an earlier decision to place both the La Verne women’s and men’s tennis programs on hiatus at the conclusion of the 2009 season, discussions were held on how to resolve the issues involved in an effort to reactivate the programs.

“We felt it was important to go back and reassess and reevaluate our decision after meeting with all the student-athletes from both programs and see if we could find ways to some how align these programs with the philosophical principles of our athletics department,” said Kline. “As a result, we were only able to do so with one program. Given the number of returners on the women’s team and the expected incoming recruiting class, we felt we should channel available resources into the women’s program.”

The university’s men’s tennis program remains on hiatus with no definitive timetable for its return.

One factor assisting in the revised decision on women’s tennis was provided by The Claremont Club. President and CEO Mike Alpert came forward with an offer to provide the athletics department use of the club’s facilities, leading to a scheduling agreement that will meet the tennis program’s practice and match needs. La Verne, which removed its campus tennis courts in August 2007, has plans for a new facility included as part of a partnership between the university and the City of La Verne to establish a joint-use sports complex.

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