Former Cal State pitcher in trouble

Former Cal State San Bernardino pitcher Michael Rocco is in trouble with the law.

Rocco and another pitcher in the Angels organization, Matthew Oye, were arrrested early Tuesday morning after a fight outside a bar in Tempe, Ariz. The two have been at the Angels extended spring training complex in that city.

According to the Arizona Republic Rocco, who is from PalmDesert, is being charged with assault while Oye is being charged with aggravated assault. Witnesses saw the two men kicking and hitting a man who was lying on the ground and Oye allegedly struck the victim with a metal pipe. The two fled the scene on foot but were later apprehended.

Rocco, 23, spent two years in the White Sox organization, then toiled in independent ball before being signed by the Angels last month.

Indy pickups usually don’t rank real high on the totem pole and a brush up like this will do nothing to help his standing with the club. Yes you’re innocent until proven guilty, but he might be running out of chances.

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