A reply from the Cal State big man

I got an e-mail over the weekend from Cal State San Bernardino basketball player Brandon Brown. Well I guess I should now say former player because last week he signed a contract to play for a professional team in Lithuania, which means he won’t be returning to Cal State for his senior season.

I didn’t get to talk to him when the story first broke because it happened late in the day. The press release from the school quoted Brown as saying the decision came down to finances so I ran with that.

But in the e-mail to me he said that wasn’t the entire story. He did say that he didn’t think he had anything else to prove after a season in which he averaged 21 points and nine rebounds.He still appeared a bit steamed about not being named MVP of the conference. (That went to Cal Poly Pomona’s Larry Gordon).

As an impartial observer – he is proabably right. He had a far better regular season than Gordon did, although Gordon stepped it up in the postseaon big time.

Brown also said the team’s schedule wasn’t exactly enticing. As a result of budget cuts the Coyotes won’t be traveling anywhere until they get to the postseason. In the past they have made multiple trips out of state for nonconference games.

He said the Coyotes will be just fine without him because of the others who ARE coming back. He is probably right there too. Coach Jeff Oliver knows how to make it work and has a histotry of coming up with players very late in the recruiting race.

Of course this is assuming the e-mail did in fact come from Brown. The address was from the email of another person, maybe a friend, an agent, who knows?

Brown seemed like a good kid (Yes, to me they’re kids). But he was also one in need of some guidance. I do hope everything works out for him and he isn’t just relying on some bottom-feeding agent taking advantage of an unsuspecting kid. We all know they’re out there.

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