Redlands falls in overtime, 27-24

It was the same old song dance.

Again the University of Redlands fell to Occidental, this time 27-24 in overtime. This loss was worse than any of the previous five. This Oxy team is clearly not as talented as most of the past and the Bulldogs still couldn’t defeat it.

Redlands dominated for three quarters. Then it got too conservative on offense and Occidental started making plays. Redlands was up 24-10, then missed two scoring chances that probably would have put the Tigers away.

A Dan Selway fumble in the Oxy end squelched a threat that could have made it 31-10. But the Bulldogs defense held.

The offense drove again only to miss a 19-yarder that would have made it 27-10. You can’t leave a good teamn inb the game.

When Oxy scored to make it 24-17 you could see the Bulldogs start to tighten up. They had three personel fouls on that drive alone that amounted to 40 yards in penalties.

Occidental was more poised when it mattered. Now the Bulldogs are left to try and make something out of the season.

Total yards favored Redlands467-296. That’s a good sized advantage.
First downs – 27-23
Third down conversions- Redlands 8-13, Oxy 4-12.

But turnoves were 4-1 Redlands.

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