Chaffey names new athletic director

Chaffey College has picked a new athletic director but it won’t be anyone new to the local college scene.

Football coach Carl Beach has gotten the nod, replacing Bob Olivera, whose resignation takes effect on Dec. 1. He had been in education the last 41 years, 27 of that as athletic director at Chaffey.

With all that is involved in running an athletic department nowadays, few colleges have a person runnning the athletic department that also heads a sport, especially a major sport such as football.

But with the state budget crunch, Chaffey has little choice. If anyone can do it, it’s Beach. Chaffey has a solid support staff and most of its head coaches have been there a decade or longer. So they don’t need a lot of guidance.

The plan is to separate the jobs at some point but who knows when that will be.

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