SBVC football team finishes with a flurry

The San Bernardino Valley College football team turned in what may be the biggest upset in Southern California this season when it stunned previously unbeaten L.A. Harbor 29-21 Saturday night.

That makes the Wolverines 5-5. While that typically isn’t a record most coaches get excited about, you have to consider where this team came from.

It took a 15-game losing streak into this season, and lost the first four this season, making it 19. Then came signs of things to come. The Wolverines reeled off four in a row. They were the games that looked like the most winnable even before the season started.Those four teams SBVC beat finished a combined 7-33.

This win was special because it came over a quality foe, one that came in unbeaten and averaging 500 yards a game and 50 points a game on offense. It looked a little suspect on defense but the gaudy statistics it put up offensively more than compensated.

Kevin Emerson did a heck of a job with this team and he wasn’t hired until late July. Imagine what he can do when he has a full year!

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