Cal State gets snubbed for volleyball finals

Cal State San Bernardino volleyball coach Kim Cherniss chose her words carefully.

Athletic Director Kevin Hatcher didn’t bother doing the same.

The school was one of just two that submitted bids to host the Division II Elite Eight and the Coyotes didn’t get it. Instead they will have to go to Concordia-St. Paul . . . again.

The NCAA supposedly likes to move the tournament around to give different schools a chance to host. Apparently that isn’t really the case, The West region rep hasn’t hosted since 2003 and Concordia did so just last year.

Coussoulis Arena is a far better venue. And teams coming in won’t have to worry about weather delays that come with trying to get in and out of cold weather cities. There doesn’t seem to be a good reason for San Bernardino to be snubbed.

So Concordia gets to go for a third straight national title on its home floor. It also has a 71-match win streak.

But the Coyotes are playing well enough to win anywhere and Cherniss is a veteran coach that knows how to keep a team focused. So don’t bet against them.



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