Broncos, Coyotes get set to collide at Coussoulis

The Cal Poly Pomona and Cal State San Bernardino men’s basketball teams renew their rivalry Tuesday night at Cal State’s Coussoulis Arena with the Coyotes needing a win to stay in first place and the Broncos needing one to stay in striking distance.

The big question will be whether or not the Broncos can contain the Coyotes post players – Bryan LeDuc, Devon Davis and Greg Williams, When the teams played earlier this season it was a matter of men against boys as LeDuc and Davis manhandled the Broncos. Le Duc was the biggest beast with 25 points and 17 rebounds.

Where the Coyotes are strongest, the Broncos appear vulnerable. And that was before Cal Poly’s Tobias Jahn went down with a bulging disk that has kept him out of the last five games.

Sophomore Dwayne Fells has made great strides for the Broncos but he probably isn’t ready to handle the load on his own. The Broncos also have a redshirt freshman in Kevin Ryan but he wasn’t even in the mix until Jahn got hurt.

Jahn is the biggest mystery. He started progressing in the middle of last season and was a formidable presence by the time the Broncos got to the national championship game. He seemed to regress this season even before he got hurt.

Even if he can play, he probably won’t be in the best playing shape.

There is no Larry Gordon this year so the Broncos need to Jahn to at least contribute.

San Bernardino leads the all-time series 21-19 and is 28-2 in its last 30 home games.

We’ll see how the drama unfolds!


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  • james worthy

    cal poly pomona is like the mob…every time you think their done, they bring you back in!…Coach Kamansky has such little talent, it’s amazing how much he gets out of them compared to jeff oliver’s more talented bunch….the league has been put on notice, the defending champs are back!