Cal Poly women fall in CCAA semis

The Cal Poly Pomona women’s basketball team lost to Chico State 71-56 in CCAA Tournament semifinal play today at Humbdolt State.

It isn’t surprising since it took three flights to get the entire team to the thriving metropolis of Arcata. Flights canceled, rescheduled, connecting flight canceled, drive seven hours. It was indeed a circus for the Broncos. It’s also the reason a CCAA Tournament doesn’t need to be held there.

It is too hard to get a team, let alone two (the Bronco men play later tonight), there on such short notice. Humboldt folks will lament they have to travel all the time and that is true but this is a lot of teams to inconvenience when you have one day to make arrangements.

Supposedly the crowd there is great. Well there are about 100 people at the women’s game taking place right now that involves the Lumberjacks.

No the tournament doesn’t always have to be in the South. But at least there are plenty of flights in and out of the Bay area.

Now coach Scott Davis will wait. The Broncos were ranked fifth in the region which would appear good enough to get the team into the regional. But if Humboldt wins the women’s title Cal Poly could get bumped.

It would be a shame because the Broncos are deserving, more so than the Lumberjacks who have laid an egg the last two weeks of the season with lame losses to East Bay and Cal State Stanislaus, two of the worst teams in the conference.


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