Veteran Cal Poly baseball coach steps down

Cal Poly Pomona is looking for a new baseball coach.

After 15 years directing the Bronocs Mike Ashman is calling it quits effective Oct. 1. The school plans to name an interim coach for the 2011 season.

Ashman cited the desire to spend more time with family as well as a new baseball-related business endeavor.

“It’s just one of those jobs that never goes away, even when you go home,” he said. “You’re always worried about who you have to call, who you need to recruit, do you need to get a kid’s transcripts, what are you doing to fundraise.”

Ashman said he began thinking about resigning midway through last season, one in which they team sustained a myriad of injuries and finised 26-27 overall and sixth in the CCAA at 18-22.

He had planned on stepping down after the 2011 season but got a position of Director of Baseball at EM Speed and Power Training at its new facility in Rancho Cucamonga which needed his attention sooner. EM is a non-profit business that trains athletes in speed, strength, agility and specific sports training.

“It was a great opportunity to stay involved with baseball,” he said. “After meeting with the people there we decided it was in both of our interest to start as soon as possible.”

Ashman completes his Cal Poly career with a 358-419-4 overall record. His teams posted seven winning seasons and nine seasons of 25 wins or more.

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    wow i never saw that coming..who will take that job next..any good canidates to take that job over….i hear winterburn from la verne would be a good canidate for that job….whats the inside scoop around town…