It’s 10-10 at 15:41

Well we’re at the first time out at Cameron Indoor Stadium in the battle of the Division I and II champions. So far so good for the Broncos. It’s 10-10. Who would have thought?

The Broncos started out strong and scored on a layup by Tobias Jahn off the opening tipoff. Intimidated they’re not.
Jahn has six points and Dwayne Fells has four. Jahn even lowered his shoulder and elbowed his way past 6-10 Mason Plumlee for his second hoop. He looks more physical than he ever did in the past. 
Fells just knocked a Duke defender to the floor going for an offensive rebound. 
Now 17-14 Duke with 12:25 left in the half.
Second timeout of the game and it’s 21-14 Duke with 11:51 left in the half. 
The Broncos are holding their own. But they’re not getting any calls. They know better than to expect one though!

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