Cal Poly Pomona men come up just short

The Cal Poly Pomona men’s basketball came up short against Humboldt State, losing 64-60.  A win might have gone a long way toward getting the Broncos back in the regional picture since Humboldt is ranked third. But that’s not the case. So now it will be difficult.

The biggest problem is Cal Poly’s non-conference schedule. Wins over American Sports and Pacifica are worthless. Then there’s a costly loss to a Montana State-Billings team that is 5-16.
There just isn’t enough schedule left or quality games for the Broncos to work their way up. They have games left against six teams and four of those are below .500 and another is just one game over .500. About the only quality win left on the table is Cal State San Bernardino.
So the Broncos chance at defending their national championship will come with winning the conference tournament. If the season ended today they would be facing San Bernardino in the quarterfinal. There’s a decent chance the standings could stay like that.
Maybe the Broncos have just lost the hunger that comes after winning it all.
Maybe its lack of leadership. The Broncos may only graduated two players, but they were the two leaders who were the backbone of the team.
Maybe it’s just one of those years. To win a national championship you have to be good, but you also have to be a little lucky. They got some breaks last year. This year things haven’t gone their way.
The Broncos certainly are capable of winning the conference tournament. But so is every other team that is going to be in it. If there is anything we have learned over the last couple of years it is that you never bet against coach Greg Kamansky. He always seems to find a way. But this will have to be his bigest miracle yet!

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