Halftime at Kellogg and the Broncos lead 26-19

The Cal Poly Pomona women lead Grand Canyon 26-19 at the half in the NCAA Division II West Region title tilt at Kellogg Gymnasium.

If you’re Grand Canyon you’re happy only being down by seven. The Antelopes are just 7 of 28 from the field (25 percent) and have nine turnovers. It could be much worse. Super stud Samantha Murphy has nine points but is just 3 for 12 from the field.
The Broncos have been all over the place on defense. They have expended a lot of energy on that end of the floor which might be part of the reason they are shooting just 33.3 percent (10 for 30) from the field.
Their stud Reyana Colson has eight points on 3 for 9 shooting from the floor. Megan Ford has six points, five rebounds and three steals, Sarah Semenero has six rebounds.
One other note, NBA referee Violet Palmer is in the house observing the officials.

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