Dunk by Cal State’s Alexander a hit on You Tube

What basketball fan doesn’t like a good dunk? How about one that brings downs the house? Literally?

Well they don’t get much better than the dunk by Cal State San Bernardino behemoth Kwame Alexander against CCAA foe Cal State Dominguez Hills on Friday at Coussoulis Arena.

Alexander took a perfectly time Alley-Oop from Tre Brewer, soared through the air and dunked it home with such conviction it pulled the entire backboard down, bringing a roar from the small crowd. It was restored to its proper position even before the buzzing stopped.

Well the dunk is a hit on You Tube. Isn’t everything these days? Punch in Kwame Alexanders’s name and go to the entry “CSUSB Alexander Dunk PullsDown the Backboard.” It wasn’t posted until late Saturday and has already drawn 3,000 hits in less than 24 hours.

Stick with it because there are a couple of great slo-mo replays and note the backboard just misses coming down on the shoulder of a Dominguez player.

School officials are planning to put a highlight reel of his dunks this season. Those of us who get to watch him are spoiled by the ordinary dunk because there are so many spectacular ones. He’s easily the most exciting player to watch in the conference and worth the price of admission.

Why there aren’t more fans there to watch him alone is more puzzling. That’s also a subject for another day!


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