Bungled score at CCAA Tournament now an afterthought

The CCAA administrators fell down on the job yet again. Why is that not surprising?

This time a controversy came up in the men’s semifinal between Cal Poly Pomona and Humboldt State on Friday that the CCAA braintrust chose to ignore.

The Broncos were up 61-58 when DeRonn Scott hit a long jumper with 4:21 to play. Two referees clearly signaled that it was a 2-point bucket but it was posted on the scoreboard as a 3-pointer, the announcer called it that way so it went down in the stats column that way as well.

So now its 64-58, although it should have been 63-58.Sure enough Humboldt comes back and it looks like it’s going to be a back and forth game the rest of the way.

About 30 or so seconds later the half a dozen or so CCAA administrators sitting courtside seem to realize there’s an issue. At one point one appeared to say something to one of the referees . . . Houston we have a problem here! But they do nothing. Two timeouts come up moments after the errant score and yet still nothing is done.

So let’s just stick our head in the sand and hope it goes away!

Well Humboldt comes back and wins 74-70 so maybe everything is right with the world.

It’s a four-point margin and it may not look like a critical error. Still, a lot of game strategy and management depends on the score at the time. Do you go for a two-pointer or a 3-pointer? Do you need a time out to set up a certain play? Do you foul? Do you not?

Cal Poly and Humboldt went into the event ranked seventh and eighth in the region respectively so they were both on the bubble. That point could have made the difference in a win or a loss and thus one team getting in the playoffs and one not.

It wasn’t all that different than a women’s tournament game last year between Cal State San Bernardino and Monterey Bay in which the difference was a putback by Monterey at the buzzer that clearly came late.

At least in this case, the right team won the game.

In  these games a television replay was available. Why not use it?

If you’re going to have a conference tournament to decide your automatic qualifier, you owe to the athletes and coaches to get it right.

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