Cal Poly Pomona men cruise to CCAA title

The favored Cal Poly Pomona men’s basketball team again proved it’s the best team in the CCAA, winning the conference tournament championship game over third-seeded Chico State 78-64.

That comes after the Broncos finished first in the regular season by four games over runner-up Cal State San Bernardino.

The Broncos celebrated and posed for pictures with the championship banner. But they chose NOT to cut down the net. The ladder was in place and CCAA officials had a pair of scissors atop it but there it remained.

Good for the Broncos!

The message was clear . . . while it was a nice and satisfying accomplishment, there are bigger, more important goals ahead. A Western Regional championship, maybe a national championship.

If you’re a team that came out of nowhere to win it or a team that has little tradition, you celebrate that goal and you cut down the net. It’s the first time and maybe it’s the biggest thing you’ve ever done.

That’s not the case for the Cal Poly Pomona team.

Coach Greg Kamansky says he left it up to his players and they were the ones opted to forgo that festivity. He said he didn’t even know teams did such a thing since his had not won the tournament before.

The UC San Diego women was a title a few hours earlier and opted to cut down their net. And that is a team with an equally impressive tradition. Different takes on the moment, no doubt!



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  • there is a report that the team captain and league MVP/preseason all american is not interested in doing much other than slipping a second championship ring onto his hands.