All-Conference honors not always an “honor”

There’s nothing like watering down what is supposed to be a nice honor. The issue came to my attention as I’m typing in the All-Foothill Conference selections for softball in this same space.

There were a total of 21 players named to the first-team alone in women’s softball. There were another 16 named to the second team. That’s totally ridiculous for a sport in a good conference, much less a bad one. The Foothill Conference is good in some sports but softball isn’t one of them.

I’m OK with maybe 12 – nine position players in addition to a Pitcher of the Year and Player of the Year, maybe one utility player. More than 12 and it ceases to be that much of an honor.  This isn’t one of those leagues where everyone gets saluted for “participation.”

It is evident in the selections that it is predetermined how many selections each team will get, with every team getting at least a token selection. So even last-place Barstow (6-29, 1-13) had two selections, a first team and a second team selection. The first-place selection from Barstow hit .286, .a .286 in a weak conference, Ugh, OK!

First place College of the Desert had 10 selections. So every player in the starting lineup made All-Conference. Really?

Maybe coaches feel pressured to push for their players, lest they be subject to ridicule from parents, much like it can be at the high school level. Well at the college level we’re dealing with adults. We shouldn’t be throwing lots of names out there just so no one’s feelings are hurt.

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