Chaffey’s Marquis Wimberly decides on school

It may have taken more than one try but Chaffey College sophomore Marquis Wimberly has decided where he wants to continue his playing career and get an education.

Wimberly, a 6-foot-2, 200-pound wide receiver, has made a verbal commitment to University of Alabama-Birmingham.

He originally committed to UNLV, only to open up the recruiting process again in December.

“I just decided that wasn’t the place for me,” Wimberly said of UNLV. “I think there will be too many distractions. I want to go where I can focus on school and football.”

Among the other schools he was considering were Texas State, Marshall, Georgia State and Southern Mississippi.

UAB is a start up program that will be fielding a team but not competing next season. It’s first year of actual competition will be 2017.

That suits Wimberly just fine. He wants to use that year to help him get ahead academically and would like to get a master’s degree before he graduates.

“This is really about doing something for my future,” he said.

Wimberly, a graduate of Upland High School, caught 59 passes for 782 yards and 14 touchdowns last year for the Panthers.

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All-State, All-Region honors handed out for JC football

Here are the recent honors handed out in community college football:

Offensive Player of Year –
Johnny Stanton, Saddleback

WR De’Jai Whitaker, Soph., Cerritos
WR Devin Gray, Soph., Sierra
WR Mike Wilson, Fr., Long Beach
WR Eppy Henriques, Soph., Hartnell
OL A.J. McCollum, Soph., San Francisco
OL Tyson Rising, Soph., Ventura
OL Paul Ramirez, Soph., San Bernardino Valley
OL Derrick Schayo, Soph., Sierra,
OL Breonte Matthews, Soph., Fullerton
QB Johnny Stanton, Soph., Saddleback
RB Lashone Garnett, Soph., Siskiyous
RB Deion Walker, Fr., San Bernardino Valley
ALL-P Connor Silveria, Soph., Shasta
PR Everette Deveaux, Soph., Siskiyous
KR Elijah Cunningham, Fr., Santa Barbara
UT Leonard Skaettebo, Soph., Sacramento
P Jake Lanski, Soph., Ventura

Defensive Player of Year –
Rod Jones, San Francisco

DL Rod Jones, Soph., San Francisco
DL Mat Boesen, Soph., Long Beach
DL Nick Terry, Soph., American River
DL Dougladson Subtyl, Soph., Victor Valley
LB Jordan Kunaszyk, Fr., American River
LB Suliasi Tamaivena, Soph., Mt. SAC
LB Mikias Alipate, Soph., San Mateo
LB AJ Hotchkiss, Soph., Riverside
DB Kiante Goedeau, Soph., Long Beach
DB Kesomi Mafi, Soph., Laney
DB Marcus Meredith, Soph., Saddleback
DB Deante Fortenberry, Fr., San Francisco
PT Corey Bojorquez, Soph., Cerritos

COACH OF YEAR – Jimmy Collins, San Francisco

All-California First Team Offense

TE Brendan Moseley, Soph., Chaffey
TE Tim Holt, Soph., Fullerton
WR De’Jai Whitaker, Soph., Cerritos
WR Mike Wilson, Fr., Long Beach
WR Stefan Derrick, Soph., Orange Coast
WR Dominic Collins, Soph., Saddleback
WR Nick Jones, Fr., Canyons
WR Quest Truxton, Soph., Golden West
WR KJ Young, Soph, Riverside
OL Breontae Matthews, Soph., Fullerton
OL Sean Krepz, Soph., Riverside
OL Markus Boyer, Soph., Saddleback
OL Jarred Dorton, Soph., Bakersfield
OL Joe Kupcikevicius, Soph., Mt. SAC
OL Jake Nelson, Fr., Saddleback
OL Michael Green, Soph., Chaffey
QB Johnny Stanton, Soph., Saddleback
QB Ty Gangi, Fr., Ventura
RB Chris Beeson, Soph., Ventura
RB Quincy Ross, Soph., Chaffey
ALL-P Jordan Veasy, Soph., Golden West
ALL-P Darren Johnson, Soph., Long Beach
PR Aaren Vaughns, Soph., Mt. SAC
KR Malik Williams, Soph., Allen Hancock
PK Jake Lanski, Soph., Ventura
PK Brandon Garcia, Fr., Mt. SAC

All-California First Team Defense

DL Mat Boesen, Soph., Long Beach
DL Devyn Comer, Soph., Palomar
DL Norman Moimoi, Soph., Mt. SAC
DL Justin Stewart, Soph., Golden West
DL Ray Price, Soph., Cerritos
DL Josh Fatu, Soph., Long Beach
DL Antonio Haynes, Soph., Ventura
DL David Fangupo, Soph., Cerritos
ILB AJ Hotchkiss, Soph., Riverside
ILB Mark Cushing, Soph., Orange Coast
LB Thomas Cletcher, Fr., Fullerton
OLB Sitveni Tamaivena, Soph., Mt. SAC
OLB Suliasi Tamaievna, Soph., Mt. SAC
OLB Keith Walker, Soph., Cerritos
CB Kiante Goudeau, Soph., Long Beach
CB DerrickWorthy, Soph., Orange Coast
CB Dominic Frasch, Soph., Bakersfield
FS London Iakopo, Soph., Long Beach
FS Marcus Meredith, Soph., Saddleback
PT Corey Bojorquez, Soph., Cerritos
PT James Fonseca, Fr., Riverside

Coach of Year – Mark McElroy, Saddleback

All-California First Team Offense

Offensive Player of Year – Troy Williams, Santa Monica

TE Jacob Ortale, Fr., Santa Barbara
WR Alex Byers, Soph., Antelope Valley
WR Tristan Buyck, Soph., Desert
WR Mason Rutherford, Sop., San Bernardino Valley
WR Devonte Milligan, Soph., Victor Valley

OL Isaac McClain, Fr., Santa Barbara
OL Anthony Palomares, Fr., Victor Valley
OL Paul Ramirez, Soph., San Bernardino Valley

OL Jonathan Magana, Soph., Santa Monica
OL Jason Nein, Soph., Antelope Valley
OL Eric Swanson, Soph., Desert
OL Austyn Ward, Soph., LA Pierce
QB Troy Williams, Soph., Santa Monica
QB Stephen Johnson, Soph., Desert (Los Osos HS)
QB Sam Allen, Fr., Victor Valley

QB Blake Sheppard, Fr., Antelope Valley
RB Roger Jones, Soph., Santa Monica
RB Deion Walker, Fr., San Bernardino Valley
ALL-P Reginald Macon, Fr., Desert
ALL-P Venel Dossous, Soph., Mt. San Jacinto
KR Elijah Cunningham, Fr., Santa Barbara
KR Laquan Washington, Fr., Mt. San Jacinto
UT Damaja Young, Soph., Santa Monica
PK Ryan Boyd, Soph., LA Valley

All-California First Team Defense
Defensive Player of Year – Dougladson Subtyl, Victor Valley

DL Dougladson Subtyl, Soph., Victor Valley
DL Philip Napolean, Soph., Mt. San Jacinto
DL Daniel Alvarado, Soph., East LA
DL Romeo Bryant, Soph., LA Southwest
DL Malik Forrester, Soph., LA Pierce
DL George Obialo, Soph., Mt. San Jacinto
DL Freeman Coleman, Soph., Santa Monica
ILB Jonathan Charles, Soph., LA Valley
ILB Tamerick Harper, Soph., San Bernardino Valley
ILB Nolan Jackson, Fr., Glendale
OLB Dee Bolwer, Soph., Victor Valley
OLB Colbert Calhoun, Soph., San Bernardino Valley

CB Eric Jenkins, Soph., LA Valley
CB London Miller, Soph., Mt. San Jacinto
FS Max Lyons, Soph., Santa Monica
FS Stephen Adegoke, Soph, San Diego Mesa
PT Joel Whitford, Fr., Santa Barbara

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Chaffey College’s Marquis Wimberly commits to UNLV

Upland High School graduate Marquis Wimberly has committed to UNLV.

The 6-foot-2, 200-pound wide receiver is headed into his sophomore year at Chaffey College and was relieved to have the recruiting process behind him.

“The whole process is stressful, fun, there’s pressure. It has a lot of ups and downs,” he said. “Having the decision out of the way is a big relief. Now I can just work on getting better and showing what I can do.”

Wimberly had seven offers with UNLV joined by Idaho, South Alabama, North Arizona, Northern Texas, Georgia State and Weber State.

He said the campus atmosphere and coaching staff made the difference. Wimberly said he hit it off right away with new head coach Tony Sanchez.

“I liked the atmosphere of the campus and the town,” he said. “And I really like coach Sanchez both as a coach and as a person.”

Wimberly caught 49 passes for 659 yards and three touchdowns in 11 games last year for the Chaffey Panthers.

He said he is looking forward to competing for a starting spot in 2016. Typically community college players that move on to Division I schools are brought in to contribute right away since they only have two years of eligibility left.

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