SBVC’s Jason Wilcoxson earns Player of Year honors

San Bernardino Valley sophomore outfielder Jason Wilcoxson (Claremont HS)
is the Player of the Year in the Foothill Conference and leads the group of those honored this season.

Here is the entire rundown:

Player of Year – Jason Wilcoxson, Soph., OF, San Bernardino Valley
Pitcher of Year – Austin Georgen, Fr., Rio Hondo
Coach of Year – Jeff Harlow (Chaffey), Mike Salazar (Rio Hondo) and Bill Mierzwik (San Bernardino Valley).

First team
Chris Butcher, Fr., RP, Rio Hondo
Chad Butler, Fr., DH, Cerro Coso
Anthony Carrizosa, Soph., P, San Bernardino Valley
Aaron Cisneros, Fr., 1B, San Bernardino Valley
Robert Cummins, Soph., C, Chaffey
A.J. David, Soph., Ut., San Bernardino Valley
Andrew Dorado, Soph., 1B., Ut., Chaffey
Andrew Epstein, Soph., P, Barstow
Nathan Finn, Fr., RP, Chaffey
Jake Gallaway, Soph., Inf., Chaffey
Miguel Gonzalez, Soph., P, Rio Hondo
Tyler Long, Fr., OF, Barstow
Colton McCluskey, Fr., Inf., Desert
Michael McNicholl, Soph., DH, Barstow
Jeremy Moreno, Fr., RP, San Bernardino Valley
Brandon Munoz, Soph., OF, Rio Hondo
Nick Piraino, Fr., Inf., Rio Hondo
Nick Przybylek, P, Fr., San Bernardino Valley
Kevin Riley, Fr., Inf., Chaffey
Tyler Schoenfeld, Fr., OF, Chaffey
Mason Shiflett, Soph., Ut., Chaffey
Austin Wallace, Soph., Inf, Inf., Barstow

Second team
Mason Adams, Soph., Inf., San Bernardino Valley
Aaron Ashton, Soph., 1B, Rio Hondo
Dalton Biden, Fr., 1B, Desert
Jose Bueno, Soph., C, Barstow
Cory Brooks, Fr., OF, Victor Valley
Jesus Caporal, Soph., Inf., Rio Hondo
Manny Chavez, Fr., Inf., Victor Valley
Austin Crank, Fr., RP, Barstow
Adolfo Espinoza, Soph., P, Victor Valley
Juan Gonzalez, Fr., RP, Rio Hondo
Tanner Kiest, Soph., P, Chaffey
Hector Partida, Soph., C, Rio Hondo
Merrick Patito, Fr., RP, Chaffey
Mike Peluffo, Soph., OF, San Bernardino Valley
Antonio Ruiz, Fr., OF, Rio Hondo
James Squire, Fr., P, Victor Valley

Golden Glove winners – Bryce Brooks, Inf., Rio Hondo; Jesus Caporal, Inf., Rio Hondo; Daniel Ceballos, Inf., SBVC; Aaron Cisneros, 1B, SBVC; Robert Cummins, C, Chaffey; Tyler Long, OF, Barstow; Brandon Munoz, OF, Rio Hondo; James Squire, P, Victor Valley.

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