Chaffey men No. 2 in state JC poll

Here are the new state and regional basketball polls with a lot of local representation:

1. Fresno City (18-1)
2. Chaffey (18-3)
3. San Francisco (17-1)
4. Antelope Valley (16-3)
5. Santa Rosa (9-6)
6. Mt. San Jacinto (12-3)
7. Saddleback (15-3)
8. Yuba (10-4)
9. San Bernardino Valley (17-6)
10. Chabot (15-3)
11. Cosumnes River (14-4)
12. Irvine Valley (17-1)
13. Foothill (9-7)
14. Cuesta (13-7)
15. Citrus (9-4)
16. Ohlone (15-3)
17. Diablo Valley (13-3)
18. Cerritos (9-7)
19. Long Beach (10-6)
20. Cabrillo (11- 6)

South Regional
1. Chaffey
; 2. Antelope Valley; 3. Mt. San Jacinto; 4. Saddleback; 5. San Bernardino Valley; 6. Irvine Valley; 7. Cuesta; 8. Citrus; 9. Cerritos; 10. Long Beach; 11. Glendale; 12. East Los Angeles; 13. Pasadena; 14. LA Trade Tech; 15. tie, San Diego, Grossmont, Santa Ana.
Others – Canyons, LA Harbor, Imperial Valley, Miramar

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New JC state, regional women’s basketball poll are out

1. Fresno (17-2)
2. Ventura (16-3)
3. Pasadena (13-4)
4. Long Beach (15-2)
5. Mt. SAC (14-4)
6. Sierra (13-4)
7. San Francisco (14-3)
8. Chaffey (15-4)
9. Sequoias (14-5)
10. San Joaquin Delta (12-5)
11. LA Valley (15-5)
12. Santa Rosa (10-7)
13. Cuesta (16-3)
14. Mt. San Jacinto (13-4)
15. Merced (12-7)
16. Solano (14-4)
17. Siskiyous (15-3)
18. East LA (11-6)
19. Citrus (11-5)
20. LA Pierce (13-6)

South Region poll
1. Ventura; 2. Pasadena; 3. Long Beach; 4. Mt. SAC; 5. Chaffey; 6. LA Valley; 7. Cuesta; 8. Mt. San Jacinto; 9. Citrus; 10. East LA; 11. LA Pierce; 12. Cypress; 13. San Bernardino Valley; 14. El Camino; 15., tie, Moorpark and Orange Coast.
Dropped out – Irvine Valley, Santa Ana
Received votes – Cerritos, Canyons, Irvine Valley, Saddleback, Santa Ana, Santa Barbara.

North Region poll
1. Fresno; 2. Sierra; 3. Santa Rosa; 4. San Francisco; 5. San Joaquin Delta; 6. Sequoias; 7. Merced; 8. Solano; 9. Siskiyous; 10. Cosumnes River; 11. Ohlone; 12. Diablo Valley; 13. American River; 14. De Anza; 15. Contra Costa.

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American Division Mountain Conference football selections

2013 American Mountain Conference Champions


Offensive Player of the Year – QB Dimitri Morales, Chaffey
Defensive Player of the Year – DL John Siliga, San Bernardino Valley
Coach of the Year – Robert Hadaway, Chaffey

C Fabian Leos, Fr., Victor Valley
G Nathan Goltry, Fr., Chaffey
G Charles Moulton, Soph., Victor Valley
T Kevin Bowern, Soph., Southwestern
T Kyle Wright, Soph., Chaffey
TE Tyler Henderson, Fr., Mt. San Jacinto
WR Kyle Keplinger, Soph., Victor Valley
WR Darrien Jackson, Fr., San Bernardino Valley
WR Desean Waters, Fr., Southwestern
RB Cedrick Agyeman, Soph., Southwestern
RB Jordan Mixon, Soph., San Bernardino Valley
QB Tyler Dobbins, Fr., Victor Valley
QB Dimitri Morales, Fr., Chaffey
PK Jonathon Gonzalez, Fr., San Bernardino Valley
All-purpose – Michael Harrison, Soph., Mt. San Jacinto

DT John Siliga, Soph., San Bernardino Valley
DT Alphonso Hampton, Soph., Southwestern
DT Michael Wyche, Soph., East Los Angeles
DE Justin Van Natta, Soph., San Bernardino Valley
DE Luke Shawley, Soph., San Diego Mesa
ILB Jimmy Musgrave, Soph., Victor Valley
ILB Khalid Adullah, Soph., Southwestern
OLB Jeremy Burgos, Soph., Southwestern
OLB Dejon Brown, Soph. Mt. San Jacinto
CB Charleds Taylor, Soph., Victor Valley
CB Brett Layton, Soph., Mt. San Jacinto
S Josh Sakover, Soph., San Diego Mesa
S Daniel Castro, Soph., Southwestern
P Cody Madsen, Fr., San Bernardino Valley
Ret Spec Diderot Nemorin, Soph., Southwestern

C Marty Barrick, Soph., San Diego Mesa
C Tim Bruzzes, Soph., Mt. San Jacinto
G Daniel Hubbard, Fr., Chaffey
G Vince Salinas, Soph., Southwestern
G De Arius Young, Fr., San Bernarrdino Valley
T Tyler Simonsons, Fr., San Bernardino Valley
T Ray Samuels, Fr., Southwestern
T Steve Granillo, Soph., East Los Angeles
T Kaige Lawrence, Soph., Chaffey
TE Gio Gonzalez, Soph., San Diego Mesa
TE Antawuan Jones, Fr., San Bernardino Valley
WR Eric Shufford, Soph., San Bernardino Valley
WR Joshua Taylor, Fr., East Los Angeles
WR Delontra Fields, Soph., Mt. San Jacinto
RB Kevin Lane, Soph., Compton
RB Jaime Snowten, Soph., Chaffey
RB Quincy Ross, Fr., Chaffey
RB Michael Harrison, Soph., Mt. San Jacinto
QB Collin Willis, Soph., San Bernardino Valley
QB Frank Foster, Soph., Southwestern
PK Vincent Franzeo, Soph., Victor Valley
All-purpose Eric Shufford, Soph., San Bernardino Valley

DT Shemar Ivey, Fr., San Diego Mesa
DT Johnny Williams, Fr., Mt. San Jacinto
DT Dillon Hedgepeth, Fr., Chaffey
DE Anthony Doomes, Fr., Compton
DE Jacob Tizzard, Soph., Victor Valley
DE Ray Clapper, Fr., Southwestern
DE Christian Arceo, Soph., East Los Angeles
DE Andrew Robateau, Soph., Chaffey
ILB Deandre Nelson, Fr., East Los Angeles
ILB Jason Dixon, Soph., Mt. San Jacinto
ILB Lenier Lee, Fr., Chaffey
ILB Daniel Duarte, Soph., Chaffey
OLB Elexis Perkins, Soph., San Bernardino Valley
OLB Troy Williams, Soph., Compton
OLB Melvin Williams, Fr., Chaffey
CB Victor Weston, Fr., Chaffey
CB Vicente Stafford, Soph., Southwestern
CB Kendall Chambliss, Fr., Chaffey
S Anthony Smith, Fr., East Los Angeles
S Reggie Leseur, Soph., Chaffey
P Richard Caballero, Soph., Mt. San Jacinto
P Shane Jacobs, Fr., Chaffey
Ret Spec – Eric Shufford, Soph., San Bernardino Valley

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