Football scores from Saturday’s Community College games

San Bernardino Valley 49, Victor Valley 35 (SBVC 2-4 overall, 1-1 in American Mountain Conference play; Victor Valley 1-4, 0-2)

Chaffey 35, Compton 6 (Chaffey now 2-2, 2-0)

Mt San Jacinto 31, San Diego Mesa 21

Southwestern 35, East Los Angeles 26

Mt. SAC 28, College of the Desert 26

LA Harbor 17, El Camino 6

Riverside 75, Long Beach City 12

Bakersfield 45, College of the Canyons 7

Cerritos 65, Pasadena 14

Ventura 41, Moorpark 49

Palomar 27, Golden West 7

Grossmont 49, Orange Coast 31

Santa Ana 33, Saddleback 20

Antelope Valley 55, LA Valley 7

LA Pierce 52, West LA 35

Santa Barbara 24, LA Southwest 10

Santa Monica 35, Glendale 32

Byes -Allan Hancock, Citrus, Fullerton

This week’s community college football games

This week’s community college football games (Sept. 29)

American Mountain Conference – Compton at Chaffey, 6 p.m.; San
Bernardino Valley at Victor Valley, 1 p.m.; Mt. San Jacinto at San Diego
Mesa, 6 p.m.; Southwestern at East Los Angeles, 6 p.m.

American Pacific Conference - Antelope Valley at LA Valley, 6 p.m.; LA
Pierce at West LA, 1 p.m.; Santa Barbara at LA Southwest, 6 p.m.; Santa
Monica a

t Glendale, 6 p.m.

National Northern Conference – College of the Canyons at Bakersfield, 6
p.m.; Cerritos at Pasadena City, 6 p.m.; Ventura at Moorpark, 1 p.m.

National Central Conference – College of the Desert at Mt. SAC, 1 p.m.;
El Camino at LA Harbor, 6 p.m.; Riverside at Long Beach City, 1 p.m.

National Southern Conference – Golden West at Palomar, 6 p.m.; Orange
Coast at Grossmont, 1 p.m.; Santa Ana at Saddleback, 6 p.m.

Byes - Allan Hancock, Citrus, Fullerton

Community College football scores – Week 4

Scores from Week 4 – Sept. 22

Chaffey 28, Victor Valley 24

Southwestern 42, San Bernardino 3

Mt. San Jacinto 35, East Los Angeles 32

San Diego Mesa 28, Compton 7

Ventura 30, Bakersfield 24

Allan Hancock 49, Moorpark 40

Canyons 36, Pasadena 14

Riverside 31, Los Angeles Harbor 7

El Camino 59, Long Beach 7

Mt. SAC 38, Citrus 14

Fullerton 47, Golden West 14

Grossmont 34, Santa Ana 31

Orange Coast 35, Palomar 28

Antelope Valley 24, Glendale 12

Los Angeles Pierce 45, Los Angeles Southwest 0

Santa Barbara 14, Los Angeles Valley 6

Santa Monica 31, West Los Angeles 21

Community college football results from Saturday

Apparently no one plays defense any more. Lots
of high scoring games in community college football on Saturday in Week
No. 3 . . . .

Antelope Valley 44, Chaffey 35

Santa Monica 45, San Bernardino Valley 34

Victor Valley 61, LA Southwest 10

Riverside 51, Saddleback 13

Mt. SAC 20, Cerritos 8

Citrus 36, Grossmont 22

Mt. San Jacinto 42, LA Valley 22

College of the Desert 48, College of the Canyons 30

Glendale 31, San Diego Mesa 19

Santa Barbara 41, Compton 7

Santa Ana 45, Moorpark 16

East Los Angeles 57, West Los Angeles 55

El Camino 46, Pasadena 27

Palomar 47, Southwestern 43

Bakersfield 31, Fullerton 17

Golden West 35, Allen Hancock 32

Ventura 39, LA Harbor 35

Orange Coast 34, Long Beach 12

Bye – LA Pierce

Note: Next week teams start conference play. In the American Mountain Division, Chaffey (0-2) will be at Victor Valley (1-2) at 1 p.m. and San Bernardino Valley (1-2) will travel to Southwestern (2-1).

Scores from this week’s Community college football games

Scores for Week 2 in Community College play . . . .

San Bernardino Valley 35, Glendale 0

Riverside 47, Compton 7

Santa Monica 34, Chaffey 20

Mt. SAC 34, Bakersfield 14

West Los Angeles 29, Victor Valley 23

Saddleback 50, Canyons 34

LA Harbor 42, Golden West 7

East Los Angeles 28, Santa Barbara 27

Orange Coast 27, Pasadena 10

Mt. San Jacinto 44, Los Angeles Pierce 30

Citrus 29, Moorpark 16

Mt. San Jacinto 44, Los Angeles Pierce 30

Santa Ana 38, College of the Desert 20

Los Angeles Southwest 45, Compton 0

Cerritos 46, Fullerton 30

Grossmont 36, San Diego Mesa 7

Ventura 51, Long Beach City 14

Allan Hancock 33, El Camino 20

Bye – Antelope Valley

Next week San Bernardino College (1-1) will host Santa Monica (1-1) while Chaffey (1-0) will play at Antelope Valley (1-0). Victor Valley (0-2) will play at Los Angeles Southwest (1-1).

This Saturday’s JC football schedule

Here’s the schedule for Saturday’s community college games (Sept. 8)

Santa Monica at Chaffey, 6 p.m.

Bakersfield at Mt. SAC 6 p.m.

Palomar at Riverside, 6 p.m.

San Bernardino Valley at Glendale, 6 p.m.

Citrus at Moorpark, 1 p.m.

Cerritos at Fullerton, 6 p.m.

Ventura at Long Beach, 1 p.m.

College of the Desert at Santa Ana, 1 p.m.

El Camino at Allan Hancock, 4 p.m.

Golden West at LA Harbor, 6 p.m.

Orange Coast at Pasadena, 6 p.m.

Saddleback at College of the Canyons, 7 p.m.

San Diego Mesa at Grossmont, 1 p.m.

LA Pierce at Mt. San Jacinto, 1 p.m.

LA Valley at Southwestern, 6 p.m.

LA Southwest at Compton, 1 p.m.

Santa Barbara at East Los Angeles, 6 p.m.

West Los Angeles at Victor Valley, 1 p.m.

Bye – Antelope Valley

Foothill Conference honors handed out in basketball

All Foothill-Conference honors have been handed out in men’s and women’s basketball. The biggest awards went to the most deserving. Some conferences and leagues water down the honors by naming a first and a second team as well as honorable mention. Some even name a third team.

But this conference does it right, just a first team, although the women have honorable mention. It’s a tough, deep conference so being named is truly an honor.

Here’s the complete list

Player of the Year - Keon Pledger, So., San Bernardino
Coach of the Year - Jeff Klein, Chaffey

All-Conference selections
Shelton Boykin,Fr., Antelope Valley
Deondre Brodie, So., Chaffey
Daquan Brown, So., Barstow
Dakota Downs, So., Mt. San Jacinto
Donte Godlock, So., Chaffey
Da’Shawn Gomez, So., Antelope Valley
Thair Heath, Fr., San Bernardino
Eric Lawton, So., Mt. San Jacinto
Aaron Moore, Fr., San Bernardino
Steffon Neal, So., Chaffey
LaVanne Pennington, So., Barstow

Player of the Year - Paige Haynes, So., 5-7, San Bernardino Valley

Coach of the Year - Sue Crebbin, San Bernardino Valley

All-Conference selections

Nisha Barrett, Fr., Barstow
Yvette Bennett, Fr., Antelope Valley
Darshae Burnside, Fr., San Bernardino
Amber Chavez, So., Victor Valley
Daniella Cooper, Fr., Mt. San Jacinto
Vanessa Gutierrez, So., Rio Hondo
Stephanie Hoskin, Fr., Cerro Coso
Brittani Jefferson, So., Antelope Valley
Tiana Jones, Fr., Chaffey
Janelle Junior, So., San Bernardino
Arione Nabors, So., Chaffey
Jasmine Ray, Fr., San Bernardino
Danielle Reed, So., Mt. San Jacinto
Missy Spoesltra, Fr., Desert

Honorable mention

Rosalind Barnes, So., Chaffey
Malika Jackson, Fr., Antelope Valley
Mechel’La Logan, So., Barstow
Ebony Mease, Fr., Victor Valley
Ashley Milan, Fr., Desert
Jeanette Ramirez, So., Rio Hondo
Terri Todecheeene, So, Mt. San Jacinto
Latosha Trainor, Fr., Cerro Coso
Jennifer Young, So., San Bernardino

Smith departs at Victor Valley

Victor Valley College baseball coach Bob Smith has resigned after accepting an assistant baseball position at Division II Pacific University in Forest Grove, Ore.

Smith had been part of the program since 2003, serving as head coach since 2008. He led the gradual improvement of the program, going from 7-30 in 2008 to 11-32 in 2009 and 15-21 in 2010 despite having modest resources with which to work. He was recipient of the Howard Lowder Award presented annually to a coach for his long-standing dedication to the program.
Smith was also the school’s equipment manager, so he was a fixture off the diamond as well.
Smith and wife Melissa have family in Oregon. Smith’s stepson Robert Lloyd works as a fireman just minutes from the school’s campus. Other immediate family are in the area as well so it’s a nice move for him.
Smith was also a fixture at the high school level as well with stints at both Hesperia and Granite Hills. 
Jesus Beltran will take over in the interim with the start of the regular season just a coupe of weeks away.

SBVC men, Victor Valley women win Foothill titles

The San Bernardino Valley College men’s cross country team coasted to its 15th consecutive Foothill Conference title on Wednesday at Guasti Park in Ontario. Coach Wes Ashford thought Antelope Valley might contend but it was ALL Wolverines.

SBVC placed seven runners in the top eight and 10 in the top 12. Ashford ran 17 athletes and they finished in the top 23 in the 66-man field. Sophomore Raymond Dominguez of SBVC took individual honors with a four-mile time of 20:09. Teammate Jonathan Lopez was second in 20:30.

Antelope Valley boasted the third place and ninth place runners but SBVC took fourth through eighth.

On the women’s side Victor Valley repeated, turning back a challenge from Antelope Valley. Cheryl Eastwood, a first-year runner from Victor Valley, won the race in 18:25.

SBVC was fourth in the field with the best showing being a third-place from Yesenia Trujillo.

SBVC impressive in 37-17 win over Santa Monica

The San Bernardino Valley College football team finally got into the win column, beating Santa Monica 37-17 tonight. The game wasn’t even that close as the Wolverines were up 30-0 before the Corsairs scored for the first time in the fourth quarter.

Some observations . . . 
1. The Wolverines did a far better job in the secondary. They were torched pretty regularly in the first two games, both losses. They gave up 160 yards through the air but much of that came late with the outcome already in hand.
2. Kristin James is still having trouble hanging on to the ball. He’s one of the top backs in SoCal but what good is that when fumbles happen all too frequently. He had three in the first game, one in the second and another on his fourth carry tonight. And the recent one came after a 15-yard gain when he was clear of the line of scrimmage.
He fumbled another in the backfield late in the game but SBVC recovered and the pitch to him was not a good one.
The SBVC defense played well. Ricky Pesquera was the leader with several solid hits and tackles.
Next up is Citrus. Don’t think that wasn’t circled on the calendar the day the schedule came out. When the Wolverines gathered for their post-game huddle, SBVC coach Kevin Emerson reminded the players that he was fired by Citrus and let it be known how much he wants to win that game.
Here are some other scores in junior college play Saturday night:
Chaffey 12, Ventura 10

Mt.Sac 36, Riverside 10

Saddleback 49, Victor Valley 20
Bakersfield 54, Citrus 6
Mt. San Jacinto 35, Los Angeles Southwest 21 
El Camino 56, LA Harbor 37
Cerritos 44, West Los Angeles 7
Fullerton 37, Golden West 12
Long Beach 38, Los Angeles Pierce 35
Pasadena 34, College of the Desert 14
Grossmont 42, Orange Coast 35
Santa Ana 49, Palomar 27
Los Angeles Valley 28, San Diego Mesa 20
Compton 13, Antelope Valley 7
Allan Hancock, Glendale 28
Moorpark 35, Santa Barbara 29