Mynisha defendant compared to Manson

A prosecutor arguing to keep the three defendants in the Mynisha Crenshaw case together for one trial compared alleged gang shotcaller Sidikiba Greenwood to convicted serial killer Charles Manson during court proceedings Wednesday.

Greenwood’s lawyer Clifton Peters argued that his client should have his own trial because he “is going to be so immensely prejudiced” by the evidence presented in the deadly shooting of the 11-year-old girl and the wounding of her older sister in November 2005.

Greenwood is one of three defendants prepping for trial in the shooting. Jury selection begins next week in San Bernardino Superior Court.

In trying to keep the group of defendants together, Deputy District Attorney Ron Webster compared Greenwood in open court to convicted serial killer Charles Manson and mob boss John Gotti, both reputed to have ordered murders.

Peters argued that Greenwood was not at the scene of the shooting, and he is a scapegoat for other co-defendants who have taken plea bargains and will testify to keep their deals. Eight defendants have taken plea bargains, and four of them are eligible to testify at the upcoming trial.

“We steadfastly deny that he did anything about giving anybody any orders,” Peters told the court.

Webster has described Greenwood, a founding member of the Pimps, Players, Hustlers and Gangsters street gang, as a “shotcaller” and a godfather. Authorities believe Greenwood rallied members of PPHG to retaliate against a rival gang when gunshots were fired into Mynisha’s San Bernardino apartment.

“He is an integral part of the case,” Webster said.

Judge Brian McCarville denied Greenwood’s motion for severance from the group, as well as motions filed by lawyers for the other two defendants going to trial, Sinque Morrison and Harold Phillips. Earlier in the week, the judge granted a request for more time from Marsha Fitzgerald, the lawyer for defendant Michael Barnett Jr., because she was ill.

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