Prosecutors seek more discovery in former assistant assessor’s case

Former Assistant Assessor Adam Aleman appeared briefly in Superior Court Tuesday for a status hearing on his case stemming from what authorities say were his attempts to mislead a grand jury investigation.

The 25-year-old Aleman stood beside his lawyer Grover Porter as the court continued proceedings to November in San Bernardino Superior Court. Prosecutors are still awaiting more discovery, or evidence in the case, Judge John Martin told the court.

Accompanied to court by fiancee Kelly Kuntz, Aleman is scheduled to return to court Nov. 19.

Aleman and his former boss, Assessor Bill Postmus, have been engulfed in a scandal since a grand jury report was released June 30. Law enforcement officials believed Aleman attempted to mislead the grand jury, according to court records unsealed the next day.

Postmus and the Assessor’s Office are the focus of an investigation into possible political corruption.

Aleman was charged with six felony counts involving the destruction of evidence, altering of documents sought by the grand jury and vandalism. If convicted on all charges, Aleman faces a maximum of 18 years in state prison.

According to a search-warrant affidavit, an executive secretary told investigators that Aleman approached her on Jan. 11 and said changes were needed for meeting minutes.

Aleman said he told the secretary that “he found some blatant errors and he wanted to be 100 percent accurate for the grand jury,” according to the warrant affidavit.

Authorities also reported that Aleman destroyed his boss’s laptop by opening it up and removing the hard drive in 2006.

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One thought on “Prosecutors seek more discovery in former assistant assessor’s case

  1. Aleman admits he had the records changed,”for 100% accuracy.” Is it not strange that the two people from the assessors office who ‘talked’ to the Grand Jury are both now employee’s of Supervisor Elect, Neil Derry? I say, good job to Jim Irwin and Wanda Nowicki – for whatever reasons prompted them to talk.
    Assessor Postmus is scheduled to return to work next week. I believe his intentions are to return to his post as if nothing has happened. I also predict he will have been tested for drugs and present his ‘drug free’ results to the Board of Supervisors. DA Ramos office indicates that the investigation into Assessor Postmus and his activities are ‘on-going.’ Hummm, a little transparency please!

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