Hearing set for Luque in San Bernardino double homicide

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A man suspected in a San Bernardino-area double homicide is scheduled for a preliminary hearing Thursday to determine whether the case will proceed to trial.

Javier Joaquin Luque appeared briefly before Judge Michael Dest in San Bernardino Superior Court as lawyers in the case confirmed their readiness for the hearing.

Luque was charged in the deaths of Ronald Jaramillo and Elizabeth Amaya, both of San Bernardino, who were shot in a Chevrolet Tahoe on First Avenue near 40th Street in unincorporated San Bernardino on Sept. 6, 2006.

Jaramillo, 35, was driving, and Amaya, 30, was in the Tahoe’s rear seat when the gunfire erupted, according to the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department.

Authorities have not released a motive for the shooting. Detectives tied Luque to the case after he was already in custody in connection with a carjacking case.

Luque faces two counts of murder, plus special circumstances of multiple murder and committing the killings as an active gang member.

The case is eligible for the death penalty, but prosecutors have not announced whether they intend to seek it.

Luque was sentenced last month to 32 years in state prison in the carjacking case.

An armed Luque took a vehicle in August 2006 and left the victims, including a 5-year-old child, on the street at night, authorities said. Luque was even wearing a GPS anklet, affixed by authorities, at the time.

Luque and another defendant in the case, 40-year-old Albert Amaya, were convicted by a jury in April in connection with the carjacking. Amaya was convicted of extortion after he took the vehicle back to the owner the next day and demanded money.

Amaya was subsequently sentenced to 25 years years to life in prison.

18 thoughts on “Hearing set for Luque in San Bernardino double homicide

  1. I tell you, its about time. My brother died September 6, 2006, and we have not heard anything about this case up untile now. About this thing that the prosecutor doesnt know whether he is going to seek the Death Penalty, but it is Eligible, lets see what happen when this goes to court on Thursday. I just hope they throw the entire book at him, and put him to sleep. It was totally wrong what this guy did to my brother and his girlfriend, and he should be put to sleep for this.

  2. Ive been waiting to see whats gonna happen to this luque guy. He sounds like a punk who will get what he deserves… Dont worry gabe he will pay 4 this just watch.

  3. Im sorry i dint mean any disrespect. Im from texas and my husband was killed allmost the same way. I know how you feel. Good luck sir..


  5. G; i understand what your saying. My husband was shot twice at close range in the head. When i read about other people i tend to say the wrong things some times. And your right there is lots of innocent inmates cause i know my husband was one of them. Thank you G

  6. I really dont know who G is. Yes my name is Gabriel but this other person who is leaving this comments is not me. Sorry Joanne, about you husband, and I feel for you. You sound like a very strong woman. I am still trying to hang in there and waiting for Justice to be served. Yes I agree with the part that you said, this guy needs to fry, but we will let Justice handle this. Whatever they give him, I just hope he never sees the outside world again. Thanks for you comments Joanne, and as of for “G”. This is reality. Snap.

  7. I dont know who g: is myself i used the letter cause thats what came up when you left your comments. But in reality i was talking to you gabriel. Now that i know your name. Hang in there ok and thank you…

  8. I dont know who g: is myself i used the letter cause thats what came up when you left your comments. But in reality i was talking to you gabriel. Now that i know your name. Hang in there ok and thank you…

  9. Thanks Joann, you are kind and sweet and I hope your life brings you joy in the future as we hold the same towards our loved ones. Thanks again.

  10. It is ashamed that this guy took the life of a woman that had 5 children that needed her and still need her. Raising her children is hard work. all they have is pictures to remember her because they are too little to have memories of her. May God handle this situation.

  11. my name is raylene elizabeth was my aunt but we didnt call her that we called her lolly she was my dad older sister my aunt had 5 kids left behind her mother my grand other had took in 2 of them noe my grandma has passed so now all the kids are left with nuthing really but there older sister yolanda my da paul iz in jail now and other then that it still breaks my heart cuz everyone is gone noe i have no 1 either…

  12. Hey raylene its alexis ^ tia lolly is in a good place with our grandma the girls are okay they are coming to visit me this month call me if you need me

  13. hey cuz i got ur thing and im just mad i just really miss them cuz thinngs around her are going bad i dnt wanna end up how my thia did because im started to go down the same way she did and i dont want to end up how she did and if u wanna find me on faceook look under raylenee amaya but other then call me wen u can imissu hella send my love to the family k love ya

  14. hey cuz i miis u and i miss them i jst dnt know wat to do im starrted to act like my thia and i dnt want to go how she did its jst sad but call me wen u can i really miss them cuz send the family my love k love yaL:)

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