Judge throws out plea agreement in fatal drunk driving crash


Pictured (L-R): Ashley Young and Leyna Basua

Updated at 2:41 p.m.

FONTANA — A judge rejected a plea agreement today for a woman accused of driving drunk and causing a traffic collision that killed a Pomona woman.

Ashley Conner Young’s plea agreement, in which she pleaded guilty last month to gross vehicular manslaughter, carried a sentence of a year in jail.

Supporters of the victim, Leyna Marie Basua, believed the agreement was too lenient, and this morning Judge Steven A. Mapes said he agreed.

“I was kind of shocked that she was getting a year in county jail with one person killed and another injured,” Mapes said in Fontana Superior Court.

Young, 23, was scheduled to be sentenced today. But at the start of the hearing, a supervising deputy district attorney at the Fontana branch of the San Bernardino County District Attorney’s Office said the prosecution no longer supports the plea agreement.

Richard Young cited the feelings of Basua’s supporters — about 30 of whom protested outside the courthouse this morning — in explaining his office’s wish to have the agreement thrown out.

“Our position is to make them as whole as possible,” Young said.

Basua and her boyfriend, John Martin, were badly injured on Oct. 11, 2009 when their car was struck from behind by a car allegedly driven by Ashley Young on the 15 Freeway near Cherry Avenue.

Basua, 26, suffered a fractured pelvis, cuts to her legs, and injuries to her organs. Nearly nine months after the crash she died from an internal infection.

Martin’s left arm was broken and his spine was injured, and he said today outside the courthouse that he still feels pain from his injuries.

“I’m very happy,” Martin said after the judge’s ruling. “That’s exactly what we wanted. There’s a chance she could be acquitted, but I’m willing to take that chance.”

Young’s attorney, Miles Clark, argued during the hearing that the plea agreement — which was approved by supervisors in the District Attorney’s Office — should be honored.

“Justice has to be served irrespective of emotions,” Clark said.

He said that Young was remorseful for the crash, and he noted that the evidence in the case is unchanged from when prosecutors entered into the plea agreement.

“I think the only thing that’s changed is the media” is now covering the case, Clark said.

After the hearing, Clark said it’s “extremely uncommon” for the District Attorney’s Office to try to nullify a plea agreement that it negotiates. He said it’s also uncommon for a judge to reject such an agreement.

“Justice certainly has not been served,” he said.

Young, clad orange jail scrubs, cried during much of the hearing and nodded in agreement when her attorney said she was remorseful.

Her family members declined to comment to reporters.

Young is next due in court Feb. 2, and a preliminary hearing — in which prosecutors must present evidence for the case to proceed to trial — is scheduled for Feb. 7.

Richard Young said after the hearing that he believes Ashley Young’s case will likely end in a jury trial, rather than a new plea agreement.

“(Ashley Young’s attorney) could make an offer that the family and we agree on,” he said. “But I seriously doubt that’s going to occur.”

Four months before the crash that killed Basua, Ashley Young was arrested in Beverly Hills on suspicion of drunken driving.

She didn’t appear for her arraignment and she was never convicted of DUI. But as a result of the charge, her driver’s license was suspended and it remained suspended at the time of the crash.

At the scene of the collision, Young told California Highway Patrol officers that she was a passenger in her car, which she said was driven by a friend who fled the scene.

In a recent interview with the San Bernardino County Probation Department, Young admitted she was the driver, Judge Mapes said today.

Mapes cited Young’s initial dishonesty with officers, and her evasiveness when they tried to contact her for follow-up interviews, in explaining his ruling.

“I wondered, ‘How could the defendant end up with probation with all of these factors?’” he said.

Mapes said he believed Young, if granted probation, would violate it within six months of being released from jail.

“I don’t think she would be successful on probation,” he said.

For several hours before the hearing, family members and friend’s of Basua held signs at the entrance of the courthouse criticizing Young’s plea bargain.

“Would one year be enough for the death of your child?” one sign read. Another said, “Ashley Young should go to prison.”

After the hearing Basua’s mother said she was happy about the judge’s ruling.

“It’s better now, a lot better,” Mary Santibanez said.

While Young’s attorney was being interviewed by reporters after the hearing, Santibanez listened to his comments for a few moments before interrupting him.

“Do you have kids?” she said.

When Santibanez shouted the question, Miles Clark stopped speaking and walked away from the group of reporters.

Martin, Basua’s boyfriend, said he doesn’t believe Young, who gave police home addresses in Newport Beach and Palm Desert, is remorseful.

He said no one from Young’s family has contacted him or Basua’s family to apologize.

“I’ve never seen any remorse,” Martin said. “I don’t know her personally, but from seeing her in the jury box … I don’t see any remorse.”

60 thoughts on “Judge throws out plea agreement in fatal drunk driving crash

  1. I hope she gets what she deserves she killed a good hearted person & cant appoligize to the family she is a cold blooded heartles person!!!

  2. My Friend was young and had a long successful life ahead of her and was a very happy person with a great heart…with great friends and family that love her and Justice shall be served

  3. I will start off by saying, my thoughts and prayers go out to the family and friends who have suffered the loss of ‘Leyna Marie Basua’. It is unfortunate to have loss such a young human being with so much more to live for.
    Ashley Young is a great person, raised with morales by a loving mother and father. She is very remorseful to the family and friends of Leyna Marie Basua. She has admitted her wrongs and is excepting whatever punishment that is given to her.
    I think the real issue with me in this case is that Leyna Marie Basua had health issues accruing pryer to this accident due to a gastric bypass surgery she had. I think everything needs to be brought into play in this situation, all medical records, autopsy, ect. Before you just go through the book at the girl to set an example. That is not justice that is ‘juststupid”.

  4. I have prayed for everyone involved in this very sad situation, I cannot imagine losing a child and how much it must hurt, but I know Ashley Young feels the same way and she is not cold hearted. She has so much saddness in her heart for this mother and her family but as usual Attornies will not let you express that. There is a lot more to this story and if it takes going to trial to find out the truth then Ashley should do that. How do you die 9 months later from an infection (septus) maybe someone should check into the hospital. It sounds like there is more to this story then is being told. God Bless all involved and I pray for peace in your hearts.

  5. @Brian,
    The only “juststupidness” I see here is you and your comment. Great people DON’T drink and drive, get caught, not learn their lesson and then take it upon themselves to take everyone’s lives into their hands that are on the road as she drives drunk once again (not even mentioning that she killed someone since you don’t see fit to blame her for that)! That’s not even close to a great person, that is actually a horrible human being! She should be locked up for a long time since she can’t seem to control herself or her drinking habits while not being caged up like an animal. Your comment just disgusts me and so does Ashley, maybe you would feel different if she crashed into one of your family members while driving drunk… or wait, she probably is your family member and that’s why you’ve left such a ridiculous comment. Maybe you should take the time to help her with her drinking problem rather than take the time to leave comments in her sad defense on here.

    I don’t care what her Attorneys have directed her to do, someone in her Family could have apologized for this accident and by no one doing so, it makes them look very cold hearted. And reference questioning the medical condition of the victim that is now DEAD, that wouldn’t even be a concern if Ashley wouldn’t take everyone’s lives into her hands as she drives drunk now would it? Looks like she took the chance of being held responsible for all kinds of bad things that could happen when she choose to be completely irresponsible and take everyone’s lives into her hands, people that don’t drive drunk don’t have to worry about that! Looks like she deserves EVERYTHING she gets to me and all the rest of the world that isn’t part of her circle of friends or family! And once again, I’m quite sure if she wasn’t your friend or family member and she killed your Daughter, you’d feel quite different. Pull your head out of your a$$.

    *** Good for Leyna’s family taking a stand at the courthouse today! I don’t know your Daughter but I’m sure she’s looking down on you and very proud of what you did today! Your Family is in my prayers and praying that justice will be served!

  6. It’s unfortunate that Ms Young’s supporters are trying to blame Ms Basua’s health or the hospital in this case. The fact is that if Ms young had not drove drunk on a suspended license from a previous DUI and rear-ended Ms Basua and her boyfriend forcing them across 5 lanes of freeway off the shoulder into a tree Ms Basua would still be alive today.Where were Ms Youngs morals when she didn’t even bother to check on Ms Basua or Mr Martin after the accident.I guess she was too busy trying to come up with lies to tell the CHP to save herself. Ms Basua lost much of her intestines after the accident and could not fight off the painful infections.Justice will be served and I hope Ms Young is ready to face it.

  7. Everybody needs to take a deep breath and realize that not all the facts have been in front of a proper court hearing, both parties will have the opportunity to be disposed and the courts will take it’s process. In the end the final decision will be justified and that will be it. Ashley comes from a great family that would be just as upset, but at the same time respect the situation and the young woman killed but that seems not to be the case. Put the shoe on the other foot for a moment then realize where the other side is coming from. Have some respect for your fellow human being.

  8. @Everyone on Leyna’s side; I want to thank you all for the kind words you are sharing. It really means a lot to Leyna’s friends and family.
    @for everyone that isn’t; I have been Leyna’s best friend for over 10 years. SHE is a great person that didn’t deserve what happened to her. No matter what the case is Ashley Young did kill her. Regardless of it being 9 months later or 9 minutes later the fact of the matter is if she was raised right she would know that driving after drinking and getting a dui any adult would know that driving again while drunk is not going to make matters any better. The second time around costed me a best friend, my son a god mother, and her mother a daughter. As for her gastric bypass surgery that’s just stupid because that was not why Ashley decided to get behind a wheel and send her off the freeway across five lanes and than try and blame her friend in Vegas.

  9. I can’t believe you people! To try to blame Leyna Marie passing away on anything other than the fact that Ashley got behind the wheel while drunk is absolutely ridiculous and completely ignorant! She is a grown woman who needs to cop to what she did. If she had any remorse she would apologize to Leyna’s mother and family and friends. She obviously doesn’t care about anyone but herself. Those tears she cried in court were because she knew she wasnt going to get away with it. Boo hoo! And to blame the infection on anything other than Ashley driving drunk is ridiculous because if there never was an accident, Leyna would still be with us and there wouldn’t have been an infection. As to her gastric bypass, she was perfectly healthy and happy before Ashley got drunk and decided to get behind the wheel, and not only hit Leyna, but leave the scene! If you truely felt bad, you’d at least dial 911. Ashley didn’t do that, Leyna had to do that herself after all the trauma she already went through. In my opinion…Ashley Young should be in prison for life! You took my friend therefore you belong in prison. And I think it’s funny that your money can’t buy you out of this one honey! And to everyone in support of Leyna, Thank You! You have no idea how appreciated you are! And I hope that one day someone shows Ashley the same consideration she has showed my Leyna Marie!

  10. Hello my name is John Martin and Leyna Basua was my girlfriend and we were both very much inlove. I was by her side that horrible night in that car and Ashley Young hit us and ran us off the road. There will be a trial and i am confident that i can prove that Leyna died as a result of that crash and Ashley already admitted to being the driver and drinking. Remember i was the only one there who knows what really happened. AshleyYoung Left both me and Leyna bleeding to death and never once lifted a finger toi help us. Today charges were also filed against her on behalf of me. Trust me i will aid and help the prosecution make there case and then justice will be served.

  11. Hello my name is John Martin and Leyna Basua was my girlfriend and we were both very much inlove. I was by her side that horrible night in that car and Ashley Young hit us and ran us off the road. There will be a trial and i am confident that i can prove that Leyna died as a result of that crash and Ashley already admitted to being the driver and drinking. Remember i was the only one there who knows what really happened. AshleyYoung Left both me and Leyna bleeding to death and never once lifted a finger toi help us. Today charges were also filed against her on behalf of me. Trust me i will aid and help the prosecution make there case and then justice will be served.

  12. Hello my name is John Martin and Leyna Basua was my girlfriend and we were both very much inlove. I was by her side that horrible night in that car and Ashley Young hit us and ran us off the road. There will be a trial and i am confident that i can prove that Leyna died as a result of that crash and Ashley already admitted to being the driver and drinking. Remember i was the only one there who knows what really happened. AshleyYoung Left both me and Leyna bleeding to death and never once lifted a finger to help us. Today charges were also filed against her on behalf of me. Trust me i will aid and help the prosecution make there case and then justice will be served.

  13. I wonder how many of Ashley Young’s supporters would be so lenient if Leyna had been driving and Ashely had died nine months later of such a terrible infection. Leyna, I have no doubt would be portrayed as a drunken monster. The fact that Ashley comes from “privlige” almost got her a pass. Good for Leyna’s family and loved ones for not letting go. God bless you.

  14. @Sean,
    You really need to just stop your rambling. I cannot believe you have the audacity to come on this site telling anybody that not all the facts have been heard, blah blah blah! When Ashley decided to get behind the wheel and drive drunk, and not get caught only once but got caught TWICE, there are no other facts that we (the public) need to hear for us to know that she should be held responsible for the death that SHE caused! She has proven more than once that she cannot be trusted member of society and needs to be locked up before she kills anyone else.

    And really, you ask us to put the shoe on the other foot? Sorry Sean, we don’t drive drunk repeatedly and end up killing people so that is one dirty shoe we do NOT want to fill.

    Lastly, I am so sick of hearing that Ashley comes from a great Family. Where was her great Family after her first DUI? Shouldn’t they have been there for her then getting her the help she needed to deal with her drinking problem? Ashley is an adult and should be responsible for herself but since all the Ashley supporters want to preach about how wonderful her Family is, perhaps they should figure out where that wonderful Family was when they should’ve been dragging her down to a treatment facility to deal with her drinking problem after her first DUI.

    ** I don’t even know Leyna or her Family but this story just enrages me. It’s so disgusting to me that Ashley’s friends/family even think they have a leg to stand on or a voice that should be heard, no one wants to hear it! To Leyna’s friends/family, please just keep doing what you’re doing! Please let the few ridiculous comments you read on here just fuel your fire and give you more motivation to continue to fight the fight till the end for your beloved Leyna. Justice will prevail and Leyna will be proud of all of you.

  15. Thank you Katie for your comments and support. I refuse to let the opinions of a few ignorant people get me down. Yesterday was a great day for us and the first step to justice has been done. I loved Leyna with all my heart and was by her side through it all. Leyna suffered a slow, painful agonizing death at the hands of Ashley Conner Young and that is exactly what we intend to prove in court.

  16. the judge is out of order,the d.a. indecisive,nobody knows without a doubt that the accident caused leynas passing 9 months later,my condolences go out to all those involved,save your stength you will need it for what you are about to go through


  18. Ashley Young has not taken any responsibility or shown any remorse for her criminal actions. Four months prior to the fatial collision, Young tried to avoid responsibility for a previous DUI in Beverly Hills, that resulted in a suspended license when she failed to appear in court. Then at the scene of the collision, Young told California Highway Patrol officers that she was a passenger in her car, which she said was driven by a friend who fled the scene. Only after it was proven that the friend she had accused was not even in the State at the time of the collision, did Young admitted to the San Bernardino County Probation Department that she was the driver of the car. Young’s initial dishonesty with officers, and her evasiveness when they tried to contact her for follow-up interviews really shows her true charter. She never once directly showed any remorse to the victims or their family’s. And she did her best to avoid any responsibility for her actions. Now it is time for Ashley Young to deal with the consequences of her actions.

  19. I see some anger has been expressed, which is perfectly normal since I last posted. I said ashley comes from a great family, and never said Ashley was an angel, we all make mistakes, some not as bad as perhaps taking a life, but realize that justice will prevail and that will be it. For people to call her a murderer is just plan erroneous. It’s highly unlikely Ashley woke up that morning and said to herself, ” I think I’m going to take an innocent persons life today,” (that would be murder). When an incident like this happens please let the justice system determine the outcome, and not emotional parties involved. I have had two friends killed by drunk drivers so I have a fraction of an idea what both parties are going through. Both families have the right to voice their anger and frustration, but to be completely unprofessional is outrageous. I wish both parties the best and my thoughts and prayers are with everybody involved.


  21. @Sean,
    You saying that Ashley did *not* murder Leyna is erroneous. Everyone that has a drivers license (suspended or not) is well aware that driving drunk WILL kill people and that’s exactly what Ashley did, she drove drunk and she killed an innocent Woman. Waking up and thinking you’re going to kill someone is not the only definition of murder. Knowing that driving drunk can kill people and still choosing to take the chance and do so would also fall under the “murder” definition. You’re preaching to the wrong choir here Sean, take your BS to her friends/family, perhaps they’ll listen to ya because the rest of America will not.

    You’re welcome! Very happy to see you’re staying strong! The more public this case is, the more news coverage it gets, the more people that make it known they will not tolerate any less than the maximum punishment for Ashley for MURDERING someone, the better! The Judge will see that a slap on the hand is not acceptable to the community as punishment for Ashley. She needs to be locked up for a LONG time! Keep our Mother’s, Father’s, Son’s, Daughter’s, Brother’s, Sister’s, Boyfriend’s, Girlfriend’s and every other family member safe! Keep Ashley and all other repeat drunks OFF THE ROAD for a long, long time!

  22. @Sean,

    FYI, in the State of California a drunken driver with a history of DUI can be convicted of murder for a fatal collision.

  23. She can’t be that “privileged” or come from that much money if no one in her family can post her $250,000 bail…

  24. Young provided the police with home addresses in Newport Beach and Palm Desert. Two of the richest cities in California. Must be nice. Maybe because the bail money was forfeited when she failed to show up to court for her DUI in Beverly Hills, there are trust issues?

  25. Privelidged you have no idea. $1,000,000 insurance coverage on there vehicle. Thanks for my new house Mr Young, bought and payed for. Now your daugtor will pay for taking the love of my life. I was with leyna till the end and we will prove that your daugter killed her and for that matter nearly killed me. The facts will come out mr young and she will pay.By the way who has an outi insured for 1,000,000 dollars. Sounds like privelidge to me and i have the house to prove it.

  26. What does the autopsy show??? Was she out of the hospital time of death and how long? This is a dangerous road to take if these questions do not have 100 % answer. Doubt results in a not quilty verdict

  27. Really? You’re going to try and profit off a loss a an innocent woman. Very classy! Please be careful what you post on here, because it can be used against you in a court of law.

  28. Interesting to see that when media asks the Young family questions they decline to comment yet get on a computer and become keyboard tough guys. Get over it! She killed a innocent person that didn’t deserve to suffer for those 9 months that she did. All the fighting over an online newspaper shouldn’t be the focus. The focus is getting Ashley Conner Young in jail for a very long time to do the time she deserves to do for taking an innocent life.

  29. What kind of sick individual thanks someone for the money to buy a house when they are claiming this girl was the “love of your life”? The money was obviously paid from insurance, not her family. After doing a little research and fact checking (unlike the journalists who clearly lack the integrity to do so before posting a story) this is what is easy to discover:
    Her “boyfriend” was injured with a broken arm and Leyna suffered from stomach injuries. Typically, 26 year olds don’t die 9 months after stomach injuries without having other issues involved. It is quite interesting as well that Leyna’s family did NO autopsy. Who knows if it’s because they lack any integrity like her boyfriend does and they just wanted the payout and couldn’t risk losing it with actual facts. It’s also strange that Leyna’s family agreed to a plea deal a month before she was sentenced and then staged this whole “protest” for attention. Instead of paying media outlets and begging for attention with the insurance settlement, why don’t you invest that money towards foundations in Leyna’s name? Why don’t you seek a sentence where Ashley is forced to go places teaching and educating people and having to relive this so hopefully it can help another person? And if you haven’t heard anything from Ashley or her family, what makes you think that this isn’t because the family and Ashley were advised by her attorney to not speak until after the trial? I don’t know many attorneys that advice clients to say sorry to the family before they have been sentenced.

    Ashley clearly messed up. She is obviously a troubled individual who has now messed up her life for a long time to come. Her consequences will never end. Leyna’s passing is devastating and God must have a better plan for her. The fact now is that justice (and not justice based on bias, justice based on facts) needs to be served.



  31. Not only do I agree that people should never drink and drive; people should also refrain from drinking and blogging. I’m sorry, that last comment was just ignorant (Cathy).

  32. @ John, you’re sick! All you care about is the money!! LOSER! @ Darlene, The Youngs are probably afraid to make a comment, everyone knows you don’t mess with just one bean you have to mess with the whole burrito.@ Cathy, you’re drunk now! @ Meredith, you said it best. Yes, Ashley messed up big time and she should be punished if she caused the death.

  33. Was there an autopsy??What was the reason for her death? 9 months later and she dies, more to this story and the DA knows it. Why did he offer a plea margin? He knew he could not win this case thats why. She died from something else no autopsy no guilty verdict. 1 person has to say not quilty and the defense will have the answer or maybe they have no autopsy, interesting.

  34. Bypass surgery and no autopsy, this is not good for the prosecution. Where was the DA then?????

  35. @ Meredith I honestly don’t know where you got your facts. The friends and family of Leyna, Haven’t paid a dime for media attention. WoW! just because the young family always buys their way out of things doesn’t mean the basua family does the same. Just so happends that the media agrees with the Basua family and wants Justice for Leyna aswell. Second, their was an autopsy done. Don’t worry everything will come out in court and Ashley will get the sentencing she deserves which will be a minimum of 4 years. “If you can’t do the time, don’t do the crime”

  36. @ anyways…The media is the media a bunch of hounds looking for a story. They don’t care about the Basua family. Two, four six ten years whatever, she’ll come out o.k. She’s a strong, beautiful young lady who made a bad choice that night.

  37. leyna would forgive, please remember how leyna felt about others, she is pure

    love <3, thats leyna to me <3

  38. @ Brian.. Here is the definition of Morals:
    1. of, pertaining to, or concerned with the principles or rules of right conduct or the distinction between right and wrong; ethical: moral attitudes.

    If Ashley was raised with morals (or maybe she was and like you does not know the meaning), she would have done the right thing and not got behind the wheel of a car while drunk, I guess everyone who was on Interstate 15 that night could be counting their blessings that she didn’t hit them along the way, there could have been so many more victims. It is really sad that she probably will not learn a lesson from this, and once she is released it’s almost a given she will get behind the wheel of another car while drunk because she can.

  39. wow you all sound ridiculous and pathetic. yes everyone is entitled to their own opinion but wow many of you have gone to far. Ashley was my friend and i love her but i do not condone what she did. she does deserve time in jail. but i do believe she is remorseful you idiots dnt knw her like her family and friends do. she obviosuly had a drinking problem. and she needed help and it is sad that this is what happened in order for her to wake up cause now it is too late and she has taken someone’s life and now she has to live with that for the rest of her life. my prayers go out to the family and i deeply sorry for your loss. Only God can judge her.

  40. To Jose Aguilar you are a very sad cold hearted person How could you say something so mean! You should never judge a person by what’s on the outside! It’s what’s in the inside that makes a person who they are! Leyna was such a loveing person who everyone loved! All the family wants is JUSTUCE that’s ALL!!! We can’t bring Leyna back!!! Ashley spending ONLY one year in jail was not enough for us! 2nd DUI! Hit and Run! Ashley didnt even look back to see if everyone was ok… SHE KEPT DRIVING!!!! She lied to the police officers blamed it on her friend! To this day Ashley is in jail NOT PRISON!!! All we want is JUSTUCE for our own HEALING over this terrible tragedy that has happened in our lives! I am praying for everyone even Ashley that she will help others not to do what she did! That she will reach out to this young generation so this will not happen to another family!!! This is in Gods hands!!!!! I miss you sooo much Leyna their is not a day that goes by that I don’t think of you!!

  41. What was the final verdict/sentencing for Ms. Young? I passed by the accident the night it happened (live next to the fwy). Thanks for any info – heart goes out to all family involved.

  42. My prayers go out to the family and friends who lost Leyna, however, coming from a medical standpoint, with no autopsy….that is a red flag….WHY WOULD YOU NOT WANT TO KNOW THE REASON OF YOUR FRIEND/DAUGHTERS DEATH??? So you point the finger at Ashley. Even if the car accident had something to do with the cause of death, it comes down to MEDICAL MALPRACTICE stemming from her gastric bypass surgery. Go after the Doctor that killed your daughter. And to the boyfriend….how pathetic and ghetto are you for taking the money and running. Support the family and put the money to a good cause for the one you “CLAIM” you love so much. YOUR BEYOND PATHETIC!

    As far as her best friend who spoke today….you have lost your mind and were so class-LESS along with completely crossing the line to have said what you did. You should feel ashamed. “BURN IN HELL?” Go to church and teach your 5 and 6 year old some manners so they don’t dare turn out like your potty mouth.

    And of course to the mom….If you lose someone who “means” so much to you, your letter should have came from your heart, instead of having to constantly say that “you forgot a line, because you skipped it!” MOVE ON SO YOU CAN TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF AND YOUR OTHER DAUGHTER. My parents lost my brother, it is tough but people come and go, that’s life. It was God’s plan, make something of it instead of feeling sorry for yourself. Everyday is a gift and our days our numbered.

  43. To Britt how in the world could you write your prayers go out to the family…than write something so awful!! You need HELP MENTAL HELP!!

  44. @Britt,
    Wow! We all know the reason for Leyna’s death. If there had been no accident, she would still be here! Period. Her gastric bypass surgery had nothing to do with her death. She was living a very happy life and had completely recovered, returned to work, and spent all of her free time with family and friends before she was hit by Ashley. The doctor did not kill her, Ashley hitting her and running her off of the freeway killed her. Ashley made a CONSIOUS decision to drive drunk. Her decision and no one elses. She did not even call 911. She left leyna to die and did not care about anything except covering her own ass. That is absolutely disgusting and someone like that will more than likely go to hell for what she did. If she had remorse, she wouldn’t have fled the scene!
    And as far as your comments to her mom…You are an absolutely disgusting person! How do you know how she feels? She wrote things down so that she wouldn’t lose it while speaking because she LOST HER DAUGHTER! If someone can keep themselves together and not be scattered while talking about their child that passed away, that obviously says how horrible of a person they would be! People may come and go, but it was not Ashley’s choice to decide who gets to go. If that’s how you feel about people you love in your life, I feel sorry for them because you obviously do not know how to love and that’s sad. Also, you have no idea what she does for her other daughter so you have no right to say anything about that. She is there for her other daughter more than most people’s mothers. The fact that you can sit here and judge her and say she needs to take care of her other child is just ridiculous. Her other child is very well taken care of. I think that people just think that it is ok to sit here and make comments because they are on a computer and feel like they can say whatever they want no matter who they are being rude to. It absolutely disgusts me. I am very angry about the whole situation, but I did not come on here immediately just to bash Ashley or her family. Apparently I have a little more respect for people than you do. I hope you made yourself feel better by being rude to people that lost one of their family members and best friends.

  45. Hey Britt, If you had a problem with what I said in court you should have said it to my face instead of hiding in the court house!I would have LOVED to speak with you.In fact, I am available anytime. And to talk about innocent 5 and 6 year old WOW your a real winner. Looks like hell is where your going too! Grown people have the right to say whatever they want. Get over it! And to talk crap about a grieving mother you have got to be kidding me. Looks like your in need of help yourself. Mary lost her child who she loves with all her heart. She was frazzled because she was so upset. She wrote things down so she could contain her anger twards Ashley. You are a sick person you say “My parents lost my brother,like it was sooo easy to get over” maybe some of us love more than others. I would like to end this by saying, I am sorry for the loss of your brother, I hope he did not suffer in any way.

    Ohh and by the way Mary takes very good care of her other daughter. So watch your mouth. Mary has health problems and trys her best to take care of herself the best she can. You have no idea what the hell your talking about. You just made yourself look like the biggest idiot.

  46. Well justice was finally served. Ashley Young who killed a beautiful innocent woman was finally sentenced today to 6 yrs in prison. Apparently money can’t buy you out of everything and the truth did come out. May Leyna now Rest In Peace

  47. @Britt:
    You know Britt I have lost my sister to a viscous murder and I can say that losing someone so abruptly and without any medical cause is the worst way it can happen. I do not know how you lost your brother, you did not say but you said lots about how Leyna’s family mishandled things. Sounds to me as if you are friends of Ashley which is fine but state it don’t hide behind the autopsy crud. She was hit by a vehicle where the driver was drunk, any other medical reasons have nothing to do with it, Problem is Ashley has not only ruined Leyna’s life and her own both both family’s as well. Feelings are and will fly so high after one has basically been stolen from you so abruptly. Ashley had a prior incident with alcohol and then still drove and killed someone else she has to pay her time now and hopefully she will learn to hate alcohol and not kill someone else. By the way I am friends with Amanda who is related to Leyna though I never met Leyna I wish I had been given the opportunity to.

  48. Wow! so much ugliness and ignorance. The bottom line of this case is Ashley was and would still be a danger to others. She committed a crime yes but for me leaving the scene was even worse then driving under the influence. I will not comment on any classless posts about Leyna– your at a level I couldn’t possibly reach. As for the Santibanez family I can tell you they are givers both to their neighbors and community. Any negative comments about this family are only a reflection of you. This family has helped many people collectively as well as individually. This part is over for them now and they can heal. I encourage family and friends not 2 look at this blog again. It is done.

  49. Call me whatever you want, that is YOUR issue not mine! WHERE IS THE BOYFRIEND???? NOT ON YOUR SIDE! He took the money, fled and now has a new girlfriend acting as if this never happened. Having my entire family in the medical field, we all believe an autopsy is an absolute MUST. Shame on all of you for not getting one. Oh and to sit and say rot/burn in hell, shows you do not have God in your life and for that I feel so sorry for all of you!

    Stop blaming Ashley’s family, it was not their decision for her to get in the car. When you get in a car accident, drunk or not you don’t always react to calling 911 first, it’s terrifying when that happens. You can keep blaming Ashley but she IS changing, this has been life changing to all of us. I am one of her best friends and I bet my life and guarantee that this will never happen again, so have a little faith or just keep hating!

    It is probably going to be the hardest thing but you all need to find some sort of forgiveness or your life will be miserable. It takes twice as much energy to be upset and that is one minute of happiness you can never get back. God always forgave and wants us to do the same no matter how much it hurts. Life is way too precious and short. Everything happens for a reason and it’s your choice on how you decide to deal with it, keep feeling sorry and dwelling or move on and make a statement!

    P.S. Michelle (Best Friend)….you are not worth a second of my time.


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