Man charged with animal cruelty for allegedly killing 20 rabbits


ONTARIO — Prosecutors have charged a Victorville man with five counts of animal cruelty for allegedly killing an estimated 20 rabbits.

Shea Johnson, 22, allegedly killed the rabbits by hitting them and slamming them against a fence or wall outside a car-rental business where he worked near LA/Ontario International Airport, police and prosecutors said.

“He throws them up against the wall, he punches them, just killing them in various ways,” said Deputy District Attorney Deborah Ploghaus.

Johnson was charged July 11. He is currently out of custody, and is scheduled to be arraigned July 28 in West Valley Superior Court, Ploghaus said.

Johnson, whose full name is Shea William David Johnson, was arrested May 25 after one of his co-workers showed police video footage he shot of Johnson abusing and killing rabbits, said Ploghaus and Ontario police Sgt. David McBride.

McBride said the footage shows Johnson striking each rabbit with his fist, then placing each animal in a bag and slamming it against a fence or wall outside the business, Fox Rent A Car at 1776 E. Holt Blvd.

The co-worker secretly filmed Johnson by hiding a camera inside a parked car, Ploghaus said.

The co-worker estimated Johnson killed about 20 rabbits in the month preceding his arrest, Ploghaus and McBride said.

When officers searched Fox Rent A Car they found about a dozen rabbit carcasses behind a back fence, Ploghaus said.

Johnson was interviewed by police after his arrest, McBride said.

“He initially denied any of the acts, and eventually partially admitted to some of it,” McBride said.

Ploghaus said Johnson has no prior criminal history.

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54 thoughts on “Man charged with animal cruelty for allegedly killing 20 rabbits

  1. Makes me want to holla — throw up both my hands. Animals are innocent and trusting. Anyone capable of such cruelty is seriously ill and in need of counseling and/or punishment to prevent future escalation toward humans. Hope this guy gains some understanding following a stint in jail where he might become the punching bag.

  2. This was obviously staged. I’d like to see the film before it was creatively edited. The coworker should be charged as well.

  3. Animal Rights Activists are using this website to brainwash people into voting away our right to own animals. Stop feeding into the hysteria! Go get some news about AR activists. Sadly :( AR extremists use mind control rays at election time to get people to vote the way they want.

  4. If we aren’t vigiliant they will make all animals EXSTINK!!! AR’s are infiltrating everywhere. Unless you like Salad (all the time) stop feeding the AR frenzy!!!

  5. Michael Vick did the same thing to dogs, got a slap on the wrist and the full support of HSUS and other animal rights extremists. The only difference between the two men is that Michael Vick was able to pay HSUS to cheerlead for him. This guy probably can’t afford to pay the rent after this (as it should be).

    Read more HSUS shenanigans at and HumaneWatch on Facebook.

  6. Join us at Humanewatch on fb! We support Lab testing, Factory Farming, Fur industry, Circuses, Rodeos, Seal Clubbing, Shark finning, Dolphin Slaughter, Puppy mills, Battery cages, Horse Slaughter, unrestricted exotics breeding, Fox hunting, Canned Hunts, and more. Join like minded people for discussions on how to do away with all animal welfare groups. Together we can work toward a society free from animal cruelty laws.

  7. Wow Anj, angry much? I am a member of HumaneWatch and I’m not for any of that! No one at HumaneWatch supports any of that. In fact, almost no one supports any of that. Are you really so desperate to support fraud and deceit at the Humane Society of the United States that you would resort to false claims of cruelty and abuse? You must not have any facts on your side. Anyone is welcome to join the over 300,000 members of HumaneWatch on Facebook for discussions on animal welfare issues. Together we can work to eliminate national “humane” organizations that seek to scam the animal loving public and steal dollars away from local shelters who so desperately need them.

  8. I actually would not have HSUS directly support any shelters. I would just have them be honest about what they are raising money for and where it is being spent. Unfortunately too often HSUS stages photo ops with the dogs it seizes, uses those images to raise boat loads of money, and the shelters that are actually caring for the dogs get none of it. We are discovering that shelters that take in some of these dogs kill them at the end of a 3-5 day holding period because they don’t have any money to take care of them longer than that. If the HSUS has nothing to hide it would stop hiding behind sad-faced puppies and kittens and just tell people what they need the money for and let people make an informed decision about how much to donate.

  9. The ARs use embedded subliminal messages in their commercials. Look at one at 1\4 speed. The hidden messages are anti pet ownership. This was tested in 1960’s by the CIA. It was later abandoned but then perfected by HSUS. They also use back masking, check out to find out how this works. Humanewatch fights against the HSUS to prevent them from obtaining their true agenda, a vegan eutopia! No meat, dairy, or companion animals. This is not speculation! Please join Humanewatch and help put a stop to this Vegan nightmare! This is the first step toward as New World Order! Today its pupy mills! Tomorrow its your grandmother! DON’T WATCH THE COMMERCIALS!

  10. TrueDoglover,
    Your organization is a pathetic front for industry scumbgags and either you know it because you’re one of those scumbags so threatened by the HSUS you’re eagerly spreading lies throughout the internet or you’re a fool. In the latter case, please Google Rick Berman. It will tell you everything you need to know about it.

    The Humane Society of the United States works on a national level to change the lives of all animals through education and legislation that local organizations simply do not have either the time or the resources to do. Without education and laws to protect animals from cruelty, local organizations are ineffective. This has ALWAYS been their stated mission and they have deceived no one. What has upset the industry that Rick Berman works for is that in the late 90’s, the HSUS became involved in ALL animal issues, including the ones fated for the table rather than just dogs and cats. They asked the question if it is wrong to treat a dog this way, then why isn’t it equally as wrong to treat a cow this way? That’s one of the reasons why those who profit from suffering have waged a propaganda campaign against the HSUS. HSUS has offended a lot of deep pockets.

    As for the story above…one less monster walking among us, and those of you who would defend him are monsters as well. Humanewatch would defend this man by claiming the rabbits were his property to do as he pleased with because that’s all animals are to Humanewatch supporters: Property.

  11. OH MY G*D! There’s one now! PROOF that the mind Kontrol is working! DON’T WATCH THE COMMERCIALS! Its our only hope! Join humanewatch to help stop the NEW WORLD ORDER!

  12. I’m a Trapper and a Hunter. I make good money doin it to. I don’t want no city slikker tellin me wat I kin skin an wat I caint. Humanewatch is puttin a stop ta this nunsence. I got a gun an I kin use it on anythin I take a mind ta. Join Humanewatch and we kin keep doin wat we want!

  13. TrueDogLover, how .bout I send you a check for the money that the HSUS ‘scammed’ you for and you sit down and shut up?

  14. The truth does not become a lie because you don’t like the messenger Tigressbythetail. I used to donate monthly to HSUS, made that mistake for years because I thought I was contributing to hands on animal care, but I discovered I was being lied to, got educated and now I’m working to educate others to the fraud that IS HSUS.

    The HSUS does nothing on an educational front. I spend countless hours volunteering at shelters and countless volunteer hours at rescue and I just don’t see it. The laws HSUS supports only go to make animal ownership more expensive, more difficult and far less fun. They are on record as working towards the end of all animal agriculture. Do I really need to post a link to the HSUS executive who said just that when she thought no one was recording it?

    As to HumaneWatch “defending” this animal killer. We don’t do that. That is what HSUS does. No true animal lover would ever support Vick or this guy who kills rabbits for fun. Maybe when he’s done saying he’s sorry he got caught, Wayne Pacelle can make him a spokesman to tell kids not to hurt rabbits. All it takes is money to buy Wayne’s ethics and the full support of HSUS.

  15. Whenever you look into the background of an HSUS-hater like “True DogLover”, you always seem to find a puppy miller, a hoarder, an irresponsible breeder, a factory farmer… always someone with a financial motive. It’s always about MONEY, never about the animals.

    Sure, they babble ridiculous conspiracy theories about how HSUS wants to eliminate your right to own a pet, or how they want to force everyone to be vegan — the Vegan Boogeyman is lurking under everyone’s bed, you know, waiting to slap the pork chop out of your mouth and steal your grandmother’s guide dog!

    But when it comes down to it, their overriding concern is that HSUS makes breeding animals “more expensive” by increasing penalties for animal cruelty and requiring regular care for animals.

    Poor breeders. I weep for your suffering, really I do.

    But honestly, I don’t give a damn about your puppy mill profits. I care about protecting animals from abuse and cruelty. And that’s why I support the HSUS: because they combat cruelty while breeders like TDL contribute to it.

  16. PupbredahOh yeah, youre dang right. Im one alright and proud of it. Quit drinking the high fructose Koolaid of Humanewatch and you might be one too. Although, going by your user name, I can assume you have something to benefit from the continued breeding of dogs for profit, and if not, adopt from the shelter and rescues that Truedoglover volunteers at. Okay?

    The message as brought to us by Rick Berman and Co via Humanewatch? Just because you spread a lie like fertilizer does not mean it grows the truth. The mission of the HSUS is not a secret. Ive been a long time supporter of the HSUS for the very reasons you say you are no longer. I want laws changed to give us at the local level tools to combat animal cruelty. I want the spot light on institutionalized cruelty on a national level.

    You say that HSUS wants to end animal agriculture. If you mean animal agriculture like puppy mills, yes we do want to see an end to it, as any true dog lover does. If you mean animal agriculture like the slaughter of horses, guilty on that count too. Do we want to see farm animals treated as humanely as humanly possible? Yes, we do. Does the HSUS promote a compassionate lifestyle? Of course, as any animal welfare organization should that is truly about the welfare of ALL animals, and not only companion animals. But as far as ending animal agriculture, you really should find something else to worry about, dear. Until were returned to the Garden of Eden before the Fall, thats not going to happen and were realistic enough to know that but we do want to see agriculture changed to reflect the values of a compassionate society. If youre afraid of that change or if you benefit from the current system of cruelty, then continue being a puppet of Rick Berman and his industry clients.

    As for Michael Vick, we all deplore what he did in the past, but unless you have a crystal ball to gaze into his heart, all we really have to go is his actions today and he has reached tens of thousands of young people with his anti-dog fighting message. How many kids has Humanewatch reached?

    I admire your dedication to animals on a local level but dont waste your money and time smearing the good name of those of us who are dedicated to the welfare of all animals on a national and international level.

  17. I find it interesting that HSUS supporters always, and I mean always claim that every single person who does not agree with them supports animal cruelty. How is that possible when most people LOVE animals and would never hurt them? I have two dogs that are quite spoiled – my vet wants to come back as a dog at my home. I don’t breed dogs, don’t hoard them, don’t own a farm or livestock. I don’t make a dime off my dogs. I just enjoy their company. I spend hundreds of hours as a shelter and rescue volunteer. Last year I pulled over 100 dogs from high kill shelters and moved them into rescue, they have all since been adopted. This is my 10th year in rescue and I can’t imagine a time when I would not be helping disadvantaged animals of all species. If John is willing to tell such a whopper of a lie about me, what else is he lying about? Quite a bit it turns out.

    John doesn’t want you to know that the HSUS engaged in fraud when it raised money for the Vick dogs. HSUS never had the dogs, never paid a cent to care for them, violated the request of federal prosecuters not to interfer with their investigation (which very nearly resulted in all of the dogs being killed), and while they were raising money “to care for the dogs” HSUS was lobbying hard to have them all killed. Fraud. Pure and simple. Raising money for dogs it was not caring for. The fraud continues with every publicized “rescue” where HSUS engages in another seize and dump operation. Raises money to care for the dogs and then leaves town with all the money.

    As for Tigress… who was recently suspended from Facebook for two weeks (words from her own mouth) for harassing people who don’t agree with her. By animal agriculture I mean farm animals. Miyun Park of HSUS is on record as saying that the goal of HSUS is remove all animals from the human food chain. She was very clear. Why shouldn’t we take her at her word? Audio from her speech can be found at HumaneWatch.

    As to “puppy mills”? I want to see every single substandard breeder that keeps their animals in squalor, sick and injured shut down today. Are there people on HumaneWatch that have been convicted of running a substandard breeding operation, yes there are. Do I talk to those people, no I don’t, and I’ve suggest to the moderators that they be removed. The group that you and John belong to has people in it that have joked about killing and maiming animals. HumaneWatch has the screenshots of their comments. You really can’t complain about the animal users in our “camp” while ignoring them in your own.

    HumaneWatchers want to see all animals treated humanely as possible, but we don’t see any reason to remove them from the food chain. HSUS has quite a different take and all of their executive class is on record (clips available at HumaneWatch) of them saying as much. Should we belive you, or should we believe them? You’ve already proven that you will lie outright to support HSUS.

    As to Michael Vick, let’s look at the facts. Dog fighting in Philadelphia is way up. Not the reporting of dog fighting as John claims, but actual dog fighting. Michael Vick is a hero to the people doing this and they see absolutely no reason to stop. If you get caught you get a slap on the wrist and dropped back into a lifestyle that HSUS will go out of it’s way to support. I wouldn’t be surprised to find that HSUS supports Mr. Rabbit killer and as soon as he says he’s sorry he got caught, and comes up with $50K, HSUS can start trotting him out as a guy who would be a great rabbit owner. You have both gone on record with how much you hate that HSUS supports Michael Vick and yet when you are outside of little cadre of friends, you change your story. Most people call that lying.

    Feel free to respond, and I’ll feel free to ignore you from this point forward. I’ve give people the information they need to make a decision. If you are interested in the truth please join us at HumaneWatch and help us continue to push the HSUS to actually use some of the $200 million in assets they have on actual animals. John and Tigress will be back to lie to you some more. But I’ve got animals to help rescue and don’t have any more time to waste on them.

  18. Humanewatch is out to shut down ALL AR groups period! Does that boher you? We are makin progres to. The sooner we shut down all the AR groups the better! I hate Animal lovers wit their cryin and bunny huggin. Animals were put here to eat period! Join Humanewatch so we can all eat harty.

  19. HSUS lies about the number of members it has.

    HSUS lies about the amount of money it gives to shelters.

    HSUS is forced to retreat from its own position of “cage free” or nothing.

    The President of HSUS lies about a comment that Michael Vick would be a great dog owner.

    All fully fact checked for your safety and edification.

  20. HUSA is just the tip o the iceberg! Humanewatch wants ta bring em all down and I agree! Them AR nuckledragers want ta do away wit trappin! They allreddy got cockfightin outlawed! Open your eyes!

  21. Miyun Park, former Vice President for Farm Animal Welfare at the HSUS. Talking about how HSUS doesn’t want to see any more animals killed for food, and that HSUS wants to get rid of the entire animal agriculture industry. Scroll down and you can hear the audio recording of her speech.

    Not one single person at HSUS came forward to say that Ms. Park was mistaken or spoke out of turn. This is EXACTLY what HSUS believes. You can believe John and Tigress, or you can take HSUS at their word.

  22. It’s hard to believe that some of the posts were written by humans! How some people condone cruelty is beyond my understanding,you people have something seriously wrong with you.No wonder you get called *humane haters* on the internet.

    I know there are wild rabbits on that side of town and probably do cause some damage…..but to kill them in such a disgusting way with such intolerable cruelty must be the work of a psychopath. This man needs putting away in jail before he kills peoples pets or hurts children.

  23. To those who doubt HumaneWatch’s position:

    One reason we can be certain that what HumaneWatch (and others) say is all true is that HSUS has NOT brought suit against HumaneWatch. If what they are saying is not the truth, then they are committing libel, and HSUS is *very* highly skilled in their use of the legal system. If HumaneWatch wasn’t telling the truth, they’d have been in court before the first month of their existence was out, defending their position. That has not happened in over a year.

    HSUS is just banking on people refusing to believe those they accuse of ‘supporting animal abuse’. And that, by the way, includes you if you keep any pets at all, or eat eggs or dairy, much less meat, or wear wool or silk.

    NO ONE ‘supports animal abuse’, or HSUS would be the tiny organization of radical extremists they actually are, with no public support whatever. Only the public’s love for animals has put HSUS and their fellow activists where they are – but sadly, no AR activist gives a tinker’s damn about animals, except to deny us the right to own and use them.

    When asked if he envisioned a future without pets, If I had my personal view, perhaps that might take hold. In fact, I dont want to see another dog or cat born. Wayne Pacelle quoted in Bloodties: Nature, Culture and the Hunt by Ted Kerasote, 1993, p. 266.

    “I don’t have a hands-on fondness for animals … To this day I don’t feel bonded to any non-human animal. I like them and I pet them and Im kind to them, but there’s no special bond between me and other animals.” Wayne Pacelle quoted in Bloodties: Nature, Culture and the Hunt by Ted Kerasote, 1993, p. 251.

    We have no ethical obligation to preserve the different breeds of livestock produced through selective breeding …One generation and out. We have no problems with the extinction of domestic animals. They are creations of human selective breeding.
    Wayne Pacelle Animal People News, May 1993

    My goal is the abolition of all animal agriculture.
    HSUS grassroots coordinator John J.P. Goodwin

    Does that sound to you like an organization who cares about animals?

  24. I read all the comments and its the humane society people who sound crazy. Didnt you guys ever here of facts? This humane watch has there act together.

  25. All vegans are part of a black-op secret society with one goal…To take over the worlds food supply and starve us all to death.!!

    Will you please join Humanewatch in contacting the Department of Agriculture to warn them of this looming threat.?

  26. This story is such bullshit. I work at Fox in Ontario and this isn’t how it happened. He drives the shuttle back and forth to fox and Ontario airport. When he was coming back to Fox two rabbits ran across the pavement and Shea ran them over on accident. The rabbits were dead and He asked his manager and he told him to throw them over the fence which he did. And just as I was leaving for work he got arrested for animal cruelty. This dude has rabbits for pets at his house and some dogs and turtles, he’s not abusing or klling any of them. I hate how the media twirls things around, this Da Ploghaus doesnt even know, what a bitch!!!!

  27. All I have to say is, this video is sickening. I know everyone has their right to hunt and kill, but there is a time and place for it. I’m no vegetarian (sorry everyone) my ancestors all survived by living of the land. However, this guy is BORED and takes defenseless animals and slams them against walls, slams them on the ground, and punches them until they’re dead. This kind of enjoyment of killing small animals and wanting to feel superior or powerful is the number one psychological link to SERIAL KILLING. This kid needs serious help, and shame on Fox Rent-a-Car for supporting this kind of behavior by allowing him to keep his job! And for all those defending this guy by saying, “He didn’t do it,” you’re BSing, there is no way to fake that footage. And for all of those supporting his testamony of, “I was just putting them out of their misery,” is BS too, because he is clearly jumping everytime he thinks someone is coming around the corner and keeps looking around to make sure no one is watching. So if he was doing a “good deed” then why act so guilty?? I’m going to say it again. THIS GUY NEEDS HELP

  28. Yo to this beazy Outsider, I work at Fox obvie you havent been to the place, youre talkin about shit you dont even know the place he is looking at is the machine shop and the dude who shot the film was killing rabbits too, ya Luis Osorio, 947 East Elma St. APPT a in ontario Ca, 91764 if you want that spics address. He is an illegal immigrant who is a lazy ass bum with his illegal whore of a mom and sister. but anyways homeboi is gunna get off pretty easy bc his dad is a high ranking sheriff, so its good to know people. So, TheOutsider can go suck one bc all the complaing is gunna do anything nukka hahahahah

  29. Hey Outsider, how are you going to talk about things you dont know? I work at Fox and worked with shea when he was there and these rabbits are becoming annoying now, customers kill the rabbits, the employees kill the rabbits, the cats and the hawks kill the rabbits, who cares??? nobody cares bc the rabbits are still there and the rabbits are still dying. And IDK how you get jumping everytime he thinks someone is coming around the corner and keeps looking around to make sure no one is watching. He is looking at the machine shop and out towards the street bc there was an accident. The dude who videotapes him, Luis Osorio, 947 east elma st appt a, if u want his address he killed them too, he is an illegal immigrant with his illegal family. Also all this complainging isnt going to help, hes not going to jail, and its a wobbler felony so its gunna drop, and then he can get his guns and whatnot and go huntin’ for some rabbits haha, and his step dad is in the sheriffs dept, a high ranking officer and other family members are also in the dept, so in conclusion its pretty nice to know people in high places, ahahaaha

  30. this is totally uncalled for couldn’t he find a more constructive way to pass time instead of a cowardly way of mistreating animals typical psychopath first animals then people where doea it end this guy needs some help and for him to be throw in a net or up against awall

  31. I’m not sure which is crazier and sicker: this disgusting man’s actions, or many of the comments on this board.

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