Killer of Redlands teen denied parole

A man who raped and killed a Redlands High student in 1977 was denied parole during a hearing at a state prison in Blythe.

A parole board determined that John Wilton Zenc was “unsuitable” for release on parole during proceedings Wednesday at Ironwood State Prison, confirmed Deputy District Attorney Jennifer Dawson.

Zenc, now 54, was convicted of raping and killing 15-year-old Paula Hernandez, as she walked home from school in March 1977.
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Parole hearing Wednesday for man convicted of killing Redlands girl

A man who raped and killed a female Redlands High student in 1977 is seeking parole at a hearing Wednesday in Blythe.

Family members of 15-year-old Paula Hernandez are doing whatever they can to keep the teen’s killer, John Wilton Zenc, behind bars. They will be attending the hearing at Ironwood State Prison, where Zenc is currently housed.

“I don’t want this to happen to another family,” said Ruth Lopez, Paula’s sister. Zenc, now 54, has hired an attorney in his bid to get paroled, Lopez said.
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After two deadlocked juries, man takes plea bargain in San Bernardino murder

Two different juries have deadlocked this year on murder charges against Edward Hernandez in the death of 22-year-old Jerry Hernandez in San Bernardino.

But Hernandez gave up the fight this week, when he took a plea bargain worth three years in state prison.

Hernandez, 50, pleaded guilty to one count of being an accessory, under the terms of the agreement with prosecutors, during proceedings Monday in San Bernardino Superior Court, according to court records.
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Verdicts reached in 2005 death of Jerry Ramirez in San Bernardino

A jury has found one man guilty and deadlocked on charges against another in a second trial stemming from the shovel beating and deadly shooting of 22-year-old Jerry Ramirez in November 2005.

Jurors found defendant Edward Vincent Hernandez, 28, guilty of first-degree murder, conspiracy to commit murder and special allegations for using a gun, prosecutors confirmed.

The verdicts were announced Tuesday in San Bernardino Superior Court.

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Deliberations continue Monday in San Bernardino shovel beating

Jurors in the criminal trial for a man and his son charged with the beating and deadly shooting of 22-year-old Jerry Ramirez are scheduled to continue deliberations Monday in San Bernardino Superior Court.

Lawyers in the trial for Edward Hernandez and his son, Edward Vincent Hernandez, gave their closing arguments on Tuesday, and the court presented the case to the jury for deliberation. Jurors have deliberated already for three days.

Edward Hernandez, 50, and 28-year-old Edward Vincent Hernandez face murder charges in the death of Ramirez, whose body was found by authorities dumped in Waterman Canyon with several gunshot wounds to the head on Nov. 20, 2005.

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