Riverside DA cracks down on sex offenders who have warrants

Prosecutors in Riverside County have created a new team to crack down on sex offenders in that county who are wanted by law enforcement, District Attorney Rod Pacheco announced Monday.

Currently, about 388 convicted sex offenders have warrants for their arrest and have not been apprehended. Given the large number of sex offender warrants that exist in Riverside County, some dating back to 1985, the need to create the team was critical, according to the district attorney.

“We cannot afford to let hundreds of known sex offenders roam our county and expose our children to additional risk,” Pacheco said, in a statement. “We must systematically track down these sex offenders and bring them to justice.”
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New Chief Deputy DA’s named in Riverside County

Riverside County District Attorney Rod Pacheco has announced the promotion of two employees, Deena Bennett and Sean Lafferty, to the position of Chief Deputy District Attorney.

Pacheco made the announcement Friday in a statement to the media.

“I am proud to name both Deena and Sean to their respective posts,” Pacheco said. “They embody the dedication of this office to seeking justice for crime victims and I look forward to success in their new roles.”

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