Hagman ‘pleased and humbled’ by primary win


Chino Hills Mayor Curt Hagman said in an interview this morning that he is “very pleased and humbled by the amount of support we got.”

Hagman defeated Orange County water director Larry Dick in yesterday’s Republican primary in the 60th Assembly District.

Hagman will be expected to win in November’s general election because the voter registration in the district leans Republican.

“You can never take anything for granted, and I look forward to having a general election strategy … and to convince the voters of the 60th district that I should be their pick,” said Hagman, 43.

Hagman was elected to the Chino Hills City Council four years ago, and has served as mayor since December, he said. For five years preceding his council service he was a member of the city’s Parks and Recreation Commission, he said.

Hagman said he was “semi-recruited” to run for City Council, and “kind of recruited to run for the Assembly as well.”

If he is elected in November, Hagman said his family will maintain its permanent residence in Chino Hills. He said he would fly up to Sacramento during the week, and then fly home on weekends to be with his family.

Hagman is the owner of Apex Bail Bonds, which has five offices, the largest of which is in Pomona. He said the business will be in good hands with his staff if he ends up spending most of his time in Sacramento. “I don’t spend much time there as it is,” he said.

Hagman’s seat will be one of two on the Chino Hills City Council that will be filled in the November election. Hagman said he had “no idea at this point” who was interested in running for the council or whether he plans to endorse anyone for his seat.

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