Republican official says Dreier defeat a ‘pipe dream’ for Warner


A spokeswoman for the National Republican Congressional Committee said this morning that the 26th Congressional District, represented since 1980 by Rep. David Dreier, is “really out of reach for the Democrats.”

Julie Shutley said a Democratic victory in November is a “pipe dream” for Democratic candidate Russ Warner and his party.

“I think that when you look at both of these people, when you look at what Dreier has accomplished in the district, you couldn’t have more of a different choice of candidates,” Shutley said.

Warner won the Democratic primary in the 26th district yesterday by a wide margin. He has been campaigning nearly continuously since his defeat in the 2006 primary, and the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee named Dreier’s seat as one that it may target in the general election.

Shutley implied that any cash infusion by the committee would be wasted in the district. “If this is one that they want to target they should go right ahead,” she said.

Messages left this morning with Dreier and Warner have not been returned.

2 thoughts on “Republican official says Dreier defeat a ‘pipe dream’ for Warner

  1. Wow, a response from the Republicans a little over twelve hours after the polls closed. Seems to me David Dreier and his cronies are a bit more worried than they would like us to believe.

  2. I totally agree with Julie Shutley “you couldn’t have more of a different choice of candidates” Mr. Dreier has sponsored one bill that has become law in 28 years. Has lived off the back of hard working tax payers traveling around the world with our money.

    Russ on the other hand started a business and worked hard to raise a family and gave them what he wants for everyone in the district a good job, health care and morals.

    Russ Warner is the district, a hard working family man who unlike Dreier has not been brought and paid for by the oil and drug companies. This middle of the road voter is ready for a change in Washington and yes Ms Shutley the choice is clear.

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