Warner on Dreier: ‘He’s gone Washington on us’


Democratic Congressional candidate Russ
Warner today outlined his plans to open two more campaign offices in the district
and raise
more than $1 million before the November general election.

With his victory in yesterday’s primary
race, Warner will now challenge longtime incumbent Rep. David Dreier,
who has represented the 26th Congressional District since 1980.

Warner says he represents the toughest
opponent Dreier has faced since the Republican was first elected.
Warner disputed the characterization of his electoral chances by a
Republican official as a “pipe dream.”

“In November he will lose the
privilege to represent himself in Congress, and I will gain the
privilege of representing the people in this district,” Warner

“David Dreier does not represent (his
constituents),” Warner added. “He’s gone Washington on us.”

In a statement
delivered this afternoon, Dreier thanked the voters in the district
for their support in yesterday’s Republican primary.

“I believe this election will be focused on the issues that matter most to the people of the Foothills — bringing gas prices down, getting the economy growing by cutting and simplifying the tax code, ending illegal immigration and improving our local educational and transportation systems,” Dreier said.

3 thoughts on “Warner on Dreier: ‘He’s gone Washington on us’

  1. The suit, the watch, the hair – not only has Dreier gone Washington, it looks as though he frequents the tony salons and boutiques of Georgetown. I mean, it’s not as though you can find a tie like that in San Dimas.

  2. Mr Dreier’s answer to bringing down gas prices and getting the economy growing is simplifying the tax code. Stop spending all your time oversee and out of the district, and realize that the war is Iraq has made us less safe and gave us $5.00 per gallon gas.

    I guess that doesn’t matter to you because we the taxpayers pay for your gas, your healthcare, your travel to Fuji and what do we get in return: No funding for the Gold Line, No Healthcare system, Job being shipped oversee and an Educational system that is failing our kids. Your time is up in Washington with 28 years to work on our issues, you sponsored one bill that became law.

    End the war in Iraq and invest in People for a change.

  3. You mean I wasn’t the only one listening in on those “Townhall” phone meetings where it seemed all of the 26th District was patting Mr Drier on the back? There’s hope for us after all. Mr Drier, you played your part in leading this country to a war that cost us over 4000 of our children. A war that has weakened us and has brought our economy to its knees. You had your chance to do the right thing and get on track to heal this country. Instead, you chose to goose step behind the lies that were told to the American people. Now the light at the end of the tunnel coming towards you is that train you did not get aboard. You have never spoken for me and I will excercise my right to tell you so on voting day.

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