Torres: ‘One down, one to go’


Pomona Mayor Norma Torres, winner in yesterday’s Democratic primary for the 61st Assembly District, said she “felt great” about the result.

“But this is just the beginning,” she added. “One down, one to go.”

In November’s general election, Torres will face Republican Wendy A. Maier, who defeated Benjamin Lopez in yesterday’s primary.

“I’m looking at this campaign as I would any other campaign,” Torres said. “I’m not taking anything for granted, and I’m going to take it very seriously.”

Torres said that she will not be running for re-election in November for the mayoral seat in Pomona. She added that she was going to wait to see who was running before endorsing any mayoral candidate.

She said she hadn’t heard who was planning to run for mayor.

“I think everyone and their mother is thinking of running for mayor, but I’m not sure,” she said. “I’m not talking to folks about that. I wanted to get through my primary first, and we’ll see.”

Warner on Dreier: ‘He’s gone Washington on us’


Democratic Congressional candidate Russ
Warner today outlined his plans to open two more campaign offices in the district
and raise
more than $1 million before the November general election.

With his victory in yesterday’s primary
race, Warner will now challenge longtime incumbent Rep. David Dreier,
who has represented the 26th Congressional District since 1980.

Warner says he represents the toughest
opponent Dreier has faced since the Republican was first elected.
Warner disputed the characterization of his electoral chances by a
Republican official as a “pipe dream.”

“In November he will lose the
privilege to represent himself in Congress, and I will gain the
privilege of representing the people in this district,” Warner

“David Dreier does not represent (his
constituents),” Warner added. “He’s gone Washington on us.”

In a statement
delivered this afternoon, Dreier thanked the voters in the district
for their support in yesterday’s Republican primary.

“I believe this election will be focused on the issues that matter most to the people of the Foothills — bringing gas prices down, getting the economy growing by cutting and simplifying the tax code, ending illegal immigration and improving our local educational and transportation systems,” Dreier said.

Republican official says Dreier defeat a ‘pipe dream’ for Warner


A spokeswoman for the National Republican Congressional Committee said this morning that the 26th Congressional District, represented since 1980 by Rep. David Dreier, is “really out of reach for the Democrats.”

Julie Shutley said a Democratic victory in November is a “pipe dream” for Democratic candidate Russ Warner and his party.

“I think that when you look at both of these people, when you look at what Dreier has accomplished in the district, you couldn’t have more of a different choice of candidates,” Shutley said.

Warner won the Democratic primary in the 26th district yesterday by a wide margin. He has been campaigning nearly continuously since his defeat in the 2006 primary, and the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee named Dreier’s seat as one that it may target in the general election.

Shutley implied that any cash infusion by the committee would be wasted in the district. “If this is one that they want to target they should go right ahead,” she said.

Messages left this morning with Dreier and Warner have not been returned.

Hagman ‘pleased and humbled’ by primary win


Chino Hills Mayor Curt Hagman said in an interview this morning that he is “very pleased and humbled by the amount of support we got.”

Hagman defeated Orange County water director Larry Dick in yesterday’s Republican primary in the 60th Assembly District.

Hagman will be expected to win in November’s general election because the voter registration in the district leans Republican.

“You can never take anything for granted, and I look forward to having a general election strategy … and to convince the voters of the 60th district that I should be their pick,” said Hagman, 43.

Hagman was elected to the Chino Hills City Council four years ago, and has served as mayor since December, he said. For five years preceding his council service he was a member of the city’s Parks and Recreation Commission, he said.

Hagman said he was “semi-recruited” to run for City Council, and “kind of recruited to run for the Assembly as well.”

If he is elected in November, Hagman said his family will maintain its permanent residence in Chino Hills. He said he would fly up to Sacramento during the week, and then fly home on weekends to be with his family.

Hagman is the owner of Apex Bail Bonds, which has five offices, the largest of which is in Pomona. He said the business will be in good hands with his staff if he ends up spending most of his time in Sacramento. “I don’t spend much time there as it is,” he said.

Hagman’s seat will be one of two on the Chino Hills City Council that will be filled in the November election. Hagman said he had “no idea at this point” who was interested in running for the council or whether he plans to endorse anyone for his seat.

Two Chino Hills City Council seats on Nov. ballot


With Curt Hagman’s victory in yesterday’s Assembly primary, the outgoing Chino Hills mayor’s seat on the council will likely be filled by a newcomer.

Two council seats in Chino Hills will be up for grabs in November’s election, said Assistant City Clerk Cynthia Winslow. The filing period is July 14 to August 8, she said.

Council members are selected citywide in Chino Hills rather than district-by-district, as is the case in Pomona and other cities. The mayor is appointed internally by council vote, Winslow said.

Chino Hills mayor wins Assembly primary


Chino Hills Mayor Curt Hagman took a big step forward yesterday in his bid to represent the 60th Assembly District in Sacramento.

Hagman defeated Orange County water director Larry Dick by nearly 20 percentage points in the Republican primary. Complete Results

Harman will face Democrat Diane Singer in November. The 60th Assembly District, which includes Chino Hills, Diamond Bar and San Dimas, leans Republican. Registration Numbers