Ken White, Ontario City Council candidate

Ken White is running for City Council to help make Ontario the best place for families to live, work, and play. To be the best, Ontario needs safe neighborhoods, free of crime and graffiti, and employment opportunities that pay workers at least a living wage. Ontario needs a pedestrian-friendly hiking trail down the middle of Euclid Avenue, a dog park for families with pets, and a skate park for the youth.
Most of all, Ontario needs a new, honest and honorable leader to speak for these common sense concerns of the community.
Ken White is that voice. He is an attorney with experience in both state and federal courts at both the trial and appellate levels. He worked on the largest federal death penalty indictment in U.S. history. He has been honored for pro bono legal services on behalf of victims of domestic violence and AIDS/HIV patients who suffer unlawful discrimination. He is a college educator, teaching American Government and Criminal Law at Cal Poly Pomona and Chaffey College.
He is a good citizen, who loves his family and who wants to serve the community.
Ontario faces many challenges in the years ahead that we need to address together. The first challenge is public safety. It is the primary duty of government to provide security so that citizens are free to exercise their liberties. To make Ontario safe and to stop crime before it happens, we should put more peace officers (on foot, on bicycles, on scooters, etc.) in face-to-face situations with the citizens they protect and serve. More cops on the street and better communication with citizens will equal less crime in the community.
Other challenges include the re-development projects, especially the downtown renovation project, which will require strict supervision to protect the taxpayers from waste and neglect. These development projects require a simultaneous investment in needed social programs to continue to make the community attractive to investors and workers alike. We need more public transportation options, and we need to find a better solution to homelessness than “tent city.” And we need to act boldly and quickly to create “green” jobs by making major investments in solar, wind, and native landscaping projects.
Together there is no problem we cannot solve.
These and other policy matters need your input. To share your ideas and concerns please contact Ken White at
And be sure to vote on November 4th.

Danielle Soto, Pomona City Council District 1 candidate

My name is Danielle Soto. I am the granddaughter of former Assemblyman Phil Soto and current Assemblywoman Nell Soto. Inspired by their lifetime of dedication to public service, I intend to continue the good work my grandparents have accomplished over the years by offering myself as a candidate for Pomona’s City Council, District 1.
My background includes graduating in December 2008 from UC Santa Cruz with a degree in Environmental Studies. I have served as an intern at the South Coast Air Quality Management District and as a research assistant at the Coalition for Clean Air. I have also served as a personal assistant to my grandmother, Assemblywoman Nell Soto, in the State Capital where I gained first hand insight to the legislative process.
I have lived in District 1 for 16 years and am a product of Pomona schools. Growing up here has given me insight to the challenges and opportunities in Pomona, however if elected, I will hold at least two District 1 town hall meetings per year in order to assess the concerns of my constituents.
Another issue I will work to find solutions for is crime reduction. Public safety is very important to quality of life for any community. I feel this issue is tied very closely to another issue, economic development. It is imperative to offer all citizens, including youth, viable ways to participate in the community and greater society and that means jobs.
It is my intention to help create a business friendly environment for companies to view Pomona as a place to come and partner with the city and its citizens. Programs such as the Youth and Family Master Plan are an important part of this effort and I will work to integrate the goals of the YFM Plan with Pomona’s economic development.
I am aware that these are lofty goals and that one person cannot bring about these accomplishments alone. With that in mind, I hope to bring a new energy and perspective to the Council that will allow a more harmonious, productive environment to take hold. A perspective that allows the Council to move beyond individual district concerns to viewing Pomona in a more holistic and unified manner.
It is with this hopeful eye to the future that I humbly ask for the honor and consideration of your vote on Tuesday, November 4th. Thank you.

Sue Ovitt, Chaffey Joint Union High School District board candidate

My name is Sue Ovitt and I am running for the Chaffey Joint Union High School District Board of Trustees. I have the experience our district needs because I am a businesswoman, community volunteer, educator, and mother.
As a businesswoman, I know how to balance a budget. In our company, I direct and oversee all of the finances. For 30 years, I have worked hard to ensure that our company has a balanced budget, with rainy day funds available. As a school board member, I will use my experience making conservative fiscal decisions and ensure that our district’s finances are operated as a well run business. I will fight wasteful spending and make sure our children’s classrooms have the resources they need.
I am deeply committed to our community, having served on the boards of many community-based organizations – from early childhood development with First 5 San Bernardino, to after-school activities for children at the Ontario-Montclair YMCA, to helping students receive scholarships through the Chaffey College Foundation. I will continue working hard to improve the quality of life for so many in our communities.
I have lived in the Chaffey District my entire life, having graduated from Chaffey High School where I met my husband, Gary Ovitt. I have a Lifetime Teaching Credential, and am a former educator. I know the district well, and believe I have the experience and expertise needed to be an asset to the Chaffey Board.
As a mother, I understand the concerns and desires of our district’s parents. Our daughter Amanda, a Nursing major at Azusa Pacific University, has taught me the importance of having strong relationships between schools, parents, and their children. As a board member, I will hold our district accountable to taxpayers; ensure that our schools are safe and equip every student with the greatest opportunities to succeed.
I am honored to have the endorsements of the Associated Chaffey Teachers, California School Employees Association, Ontario Police Officer’s Association and Ontario Professional Firefighters Association, as well as elected officials in Ontario, Montclair, Rancho Cucamonga and Fontana.
This November, I urge you to vote from the bottom of the ballot up. Local jurisdictions like school boards, water boards, and city councils make decisions that affect our daily lives more often than state or federal government officials. I hope I have earned your confidence. Please vote for Sue Ovitt for the Chaffey District Board of Trustees.

James C. Frost, Rancho Cucamonga city treasurer incumbent

My career as an accounting professional began when I was promoted to the position of Chief Accountant for the Chaffey Community College District after having served as an Air Force Staff Sergeant in Viet Nam and earning my B.S.B.A. from Cal Poly, Pomona. This Experience includes over 34 years of accounting and finance work in both private and public sectors.
I’ve been active with the City of Rancho Cucamonga, serving as its first mayor in 1977, and continued as a council member until being elected City Treasurer in 1984. These (part-time) elected positions have been supported by knowledge and experience gained throughout my professional career.
The Frost family history of community service dates back to 1882 when my great grandparents moved from Canada to work with the Chaffey Brothers in Etiwanda. George Frost attended the laying of the Chaffey College cornerstone 125 years ago. The Frosts are one of the founding families of what later became Rancho Cucamonga. My father, grand-father, and great grand-father each served on the Etiwanda School Board during a span of over seventy years. Grandpa Frost was Etiwanda’s first scout leader, and received the Silver Beaver award for dedication and service.
Following in my family’s footsteps… IS NOT ABOUT PERSONAL AMBITION, IT’S ABOUT ROOTS.
It is an honor and a privilege to serve as City Treasurer working for you, and with the professional finance and administrative teams within the City. Our accomplishments in providing financially stable services for the public are many, but by their nature often take place behind the scenes: presenting balanced budgets year after year, improving banking services while reducing costs, implementing broker/dealer certification procedures, and re-evaluating investment custody services are but a few of our recent accomplishments. Following our internal Treasury Department policy, we continue to place temporary idle cash in prudent investments which are even more conservative than State law.
I appreciate your desire to become better informed of your candidate’s qualifications and experience, and would be honored to discuss my professional and civic activities with you. You can reach me directly at rancho–cucamonga–, and my wife Gwyn and I are listed in the phone book. Please e-mail me, or give me a call.

Fred Youngblood, Chino Valley Unified School District board incumbent

For the past four years I have proudly served our district as a Chino Valley Unified School District board member. It would be a great honor to continue serving. My promise is to continue promoting positive strategic directions from the board that leads to improvements in district operations. My dedication is to quality education for the students of our schools and the betterment of the employees of our district.
I have supported and will continue to support communication with all stakeholders; improvements in the education system at all levels; spending goals that align with the strategic plan; allocation of staff to provide the most effective learning environment for our students; becoming the best employer in the valley.
I am endorsed by all the members of the current board of education; The Associated Teachers of Chino; Gwen Norton-Perry, Chino Hills City Council; Bill Kruger, Chino Hills City Council.
I have served as President of the Citizens for Kids Education Foundation, a member of the “Measure M Committee,” and Chairman of two School Site Councils.  I am currently a Deacon, Trustee, and Sunday School Teacher at my church.  I am married and have three grown children. 
I ask for your vote to continue working for the students and employees of our district.

Henry Stoy, Cucamonga Valley Water District board candidate

I am a water professional with 28 years in the business. I have the following experience to enable me to serve you well:
Senior Manager, L.A. Department of Water and Power, the nation’s largest municipal utility (18 years)
Director, Cucamonga Valley Water District (8 years)<WC>
Member, Water Resources Institute Advisory Board (4 years)
Trustee, Central School District (5 years)<WC>
Air Force lieutenant colonel (23 years)
Cucamonga Valley Water District (CVWD) receives all of its revenue from charges for water and sewer services, with CVWD’s board of directors having approval authority for rate increases. So, CVWD is able to raise rates every year to support whatever level of spending it desires. In other words, it’s been business as usual at CVWD while other governmental entities have been forced to make cuts due to California’s budget crisis.
This year, CVWD approved a new rate structure which guarantees that ratepayers will be paying more for water through 2011. That wouldn’t be so bad if the additional money was used for water-related expenses. But CVWD has gotten into the habit of raising rates and then spending large sums on items which have nothing to do with providing water to its customers. Consider the examples detailed in the following paragraphs.
CVWD spent over $100,000 to change its name.
CVWD spent over $250,000 to remodel its board meeting room, which was only 5 years old at the time.
The Frontier Project, an environmentally friendly demonstration building is officially being built by the Frontier Foundation, a non-profit organization, with CVWD as major contributor–and how! CVWD’s ratepayers may have to pay $13 million of the $14 million cost, depending on other contributions (only $1 million to date). That’s a high price to pay for a building CVWD has no practical use for, and which will mainly serve as a showcase for products and services of private companies (solar panels, recycled building materials, etc.). The few water saving features could easily have been incorporated into CVWD’s existing buildings and the surrounding areas.
CVWD should be mindful of the difficult times its ratepayers are enduring. Its customers are losing their jobs and homes and paying more for everything they buy. Ratepayer dollars should be used only to ensure a safe and reliable water supply, not for expensive frills and boondoggles!

John H. Pruitt Jr., Chino Valley Unified School District board candidate

I am John H. Pruitt, Jr. seeking the office of Chino Valley school board. My former school board term set the benchmark for strategic successes where API scores dramatically increased and 40% of district schools surpassed the State’s 800/900 API;<WC> <WC1>a 2.0 GPA graduation requirement produced over 2<WC>,<WC1>400 graduates meeting the requirement; and accountability improved in district operations as well as employee performance.
Other successes are the Longevity Clause that repositioned 700 plus teachers to well-deserved income levels. A former superintendent was dismissed with a zero salary pay-out. ACT and CSEA employees’ jobs remained secure by my opposition to personal/political vendettas.
I am an advocate for teaching fundamentals to meet academic rigor which is directly linked to student achievement. I will always support district/employee recognition and parental involvement.
Despite wayward opposition, attempts to discredit my character and efforts to cover-up wrongdoing, I exposed corruption and criminal activity in the Chino Valley school district.
The current school board has not performed responsibly:
1 The Board ignored Fair Political Practice Commission regulation 18702.3 subsection A and gave away $50,000 for the defense of board member Bobby Grizzle on criminal charges by the District Attorney. The Board failed to act as prudent trustees; and was negligent for not following government regulations, possibly an illegality.
2 The Board gave the superintendent a raise when 36% of district schools did not meet API (Academic Performance Index) targets, but maintains the superintendent was evaluated on performance. What performance criterion is more important than student achievement? The Board failed to hold the superintendent accountable.
3 The superintendent gave notice to school administrators for not meeting API targets. The Board failed to hold the superintendent to a performance standard compatible to school administrators on notice.
4 The Board waived a third year algebra course when 7% of the student senior population had not (yet) met course requirements, and failed to uphold academic rigor for 93% of the seniors meeting course requirements.
5 The Board failed to address why 12 of 20 experienced and highly specialized speech and language pathologists reluctantly resigned.
6 The Board failed to oversee the opening of the Preserve school due to poor planning and poor judgment.
7 The Board failed to approve a policy regarding yearbooks and graduation accessories without the perception of bribery and kickbacks.
Vote John Pruitt on November 4 to restore the critical focus for board accountability!

Stephen Atchley, Pomona City Council District 6 incumbent

I am asking my neighbors to reelect me to the Pomona City Council, district 6 on November 4th. By voting for me, you will get an educated, honest, hard-working public servant who is dedicated to rebuilding the economic base of our city.
Just this year, the city faced a budget deficit of $10 million. We simply do not have a strong commercial base in Pomona that will generate the tax dollars that we need for improvements in public safety, streets and alley paving, graffiti abatement and tree trimming. Instead, the council chose to reduce the deficit by cutting city jobs and services. Some of these cuts were probably desirable, but certainly not all of them.
This year’s ballot will include a measure to increase sales taxes by a penny per dollar to pay for some of these services. I am opposed to such tax increases because they will cause shoppers to look outside our city for many purchases. Wouldn’t you drive a few extra miles to save hundreds of dollars on a new or used car or ten or twenty on your major shopping trips? I don’t believe that this is the way to solve our budget deficits.
Every candidate running for office supports increases in city services, as do I. I am unique in having a clear and simple plan to increase jobs and business growth to provide the revenues to allow us to make needed improvements. I believe that our city is poised for such growth. This growth must be environmentally sound and visually engaging.
I have already begun to take steps to make our city more inviting to commercial development. We have many new businesses in district six, as well as downtown and throughout the city. Just this summer, I dedicated a new outpatient nursing business, a new classic car dealership, a new car wash and will soon see a new Wing Stop restaurant open in my district. I have commitments to bring in a new “Fresh and Easy” market and Starbucks, as well as a new medical office center and drugstore.
As a resident for forty-six years, I have seen better days and as a seasoned leader, I can visualize better days to come. I am committed to the many improvements we all long for and, most of all I am committed to the job of revitalizing the local economy to make these improvements possible.

Danilet Querubin, Pomona City Council District 6 candidate

My name is Danilet Querubin and I am running for Pomona City Council, District Six. I am excited to run and strongly believe that my qualifications meet the standards you seek.
Pomona has many unique qualities that separate it from other cities. From the Los Angeles County Fairgrounds that brings thousands of visitors every year, to Cal Poly Pomona and Western University that serve as excellent institutions for working students, museums that are nationally recognized to our beautiful historic neighborhoods. This is a short list of the many qualities that make Pomona a great place to work, live, and visit.
I am running for Pomona City Council because I am determined to work and move our city forward. In today’s economy we must have leaders that are willing to work hard and not afraid to look for opportunities to help improve our city. Our challenges have tripled with homeowners defaulting on their mortgages, increased criminal activities, homelessness and loss of revenues due to state and federal cuts. Our small business community is depending on Pomona’s leadership to help them stay afloat during these tough economic times. Pomona needs new vision, new ideas, and a representative that cares and that will not be afraid to deal with these tough issues.
I have volunteered on issues related to gang problems, homelessness, graffiti, organized Neighborhood Watch groups, and Girl Scouts programs. Through these efforts I have learned that our children deserve a chance to live in a positive environment free of crime and full of opportunities.
As your representative, I will keep the residents of District Six informed through a newsletter and help organize Neighborhood Watch programs to ensure participation and awareness from every neighborhood.
District Six needs a dynamic leader now, one who will focus on attracting new jobs, increasing revenue sources, and addressing issues that face our diversed city. I am honored to have been endorsed by the Pomona Police Officers Association and the San Bernardino Public Employees Association.
Your attention to our city elections is greatly appreciated. For more information please visit my website at On November 4th, please vote for Danilet “Dani” Querubin.

Debra Dorst-Porada, Ontario City Council candidate

<WC1>It’s time for change in Ontario — time for the City Council to include an individual with experience in elected office coupled with independent thinking. Time for a person who has shown the ability to work as a team member but who is not afraid to stand alone on issues important to Ontario residents. Debra Porada is that person.
I have lived in Ontario for 24 years and raised my son here. I care deeply about what happens in our city and have many ideas for improving our quality of life. For instance, to help residents who are struggling to buy groceries and gasoline, the city council can work to bring new businesses that offer good jobs.
Past City Councils have successfully focused on making Ontario the center of economic activity in San Bernardino County. The Ontario Mills, the Convention Center, and the new CBB Sports Arena help Ontario by bringing in tax revenues. Building on these past accomplishments, now is the time for the City Council to change course and focus on the things that make Ontario an outstanding place to live – parks, recreational areas, good streets and low crime rates. As a registered nurse, business women and elected member of the Ontario-Montclair School Board, I have gained valuable insight into the politics of change.
I favor these things for the citizens of Ontario:
Public Safety: zero tolerance of gangs and graffiti; reduce emergency response times; provide programs aimed at prevention.
Repair streets and aging infrastructure; reduce traffic congestion.
Senior Services: More senior housing, improve transportation programs.
Public Recreation: build more parks and sports fields; offer after school programs.
Work cooperatively with schools to better utilize playgrounds.
Monitor new development to provide more open space and adequate parking.
Historic Preservation: support efforts to preserve Ontario’s history My qualifications:
Community Service: Ontario Montclair School Board member, Planning Commissioner, San Bernardino Museum Commissioner; Heritage Society Member; Kiwanis Member; Kids Come First Clinic Board member.
Education and Distinctions: Associate degree (Citrus College); Bachelors degree in nursing (Cal State Los Angeles); Ontario Chamber of Commerce Leadership Award; Ontario Citizens Police Academy Graduate; Leadership Connection Graduate, Masters in Governance Series (California School Board Association).
If you have any questions or would like to assist in my campaign by placing a sign in your yard or walking your neighborhood, please contact me at (909) 986-2933 or e-mail Thank you for your support.