Danilet Querubin, Pomona City Council District 6 candidate

My name is Danilet Querubin and I am running for Pomona City Council, District Six. I am excited to run and strongly believe that my qualifications meet the standards you seek.
Pomona has many unique qualities that separate it from other cities. From the Los Angeles County Fairgrounds that brings thousands of visitors every year, to Cal Poly Pomona and Western University that serve as excellent institutions for working students, museums that are nationally recognized to our beautiful historic neighborhoods. This is a short list of the many qualities that make Pomona a great place to work, live, and visit.
I am running for Pomona City Council because I am determined to work and move our city forward. In today’s economy we must have leaders that are willing to work hard and not afraid to look for opportunities to help improve our city. Our challenges have tripled with homeowners defaulting on their mortgages, increased criminal activities, homelessness and loss of revenues due to state and federal cuts. Our small business community is depending on Pomona’s leadership to help them stay afloat during these tough economic times. Pomona needs new vision, new ideas, and a representative that cares and that will not be afraid to deal with these tough issues.
I have volunteered on issues related to gang problems, homelessness, graffiti, organized Neighborhood Watch groups, and Girl Scouts programs. Through these efforts I have learned that our children deserve a chance to live in a positive environment free of crime and full of opportunities.
As your representative, I will keep the residents of District Six informed through a newsletter and help organize Neighborhood Watch programs to ensure participation and awareness from every neighborhood.
District Six needs a dynamic leader now, one who will focus on attracting new jobs, increasing revenue sources, and addressing issues that face our diversed city. I am honored to have been endorsed by the Pomona Police Officers Association and the San Bernardino Public Employees Association.
Your attention to our city elections is greatly appreciated. For more information please visit my website at www.daniletquerubin.com On November 4th, please vote for Danilet “Dani” Querubin.

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