Ken White, Ontario City Council candidate

Ken White is running for City Council to help make Ontario the best place for families to live, work, and play. To be the best, Ontario needs safe neighborhoods, free of crime and graffiti, and employment opportunities that pay workers at least a living wage. Ontario needs a pedestrian-friendly hiking trail down the middle of Euclid Avenue, a dog park for families with pets, and a skate park for the youth.
Most of all, Ontario needs a new, honest and honorable leader to speak for these common sense concerns of the community.
Ken White is that voice. He is an attorney with experience in both state and federal courts at both the trial and appellate levels. He worked on the largest federal death penalty indictment in U.S. history. He has been honored for pro bono legal services on behalf of victims of domestic violence and AIDS/HIV patients who suffer unlawful discrimination. He is a college educator, teaching American Government and Criminal Law at Cal Poly Pomona and Chaffey College.
He is a good citizen, who loves his family and who wants to serve the community.
Ontario faces many challenges in the years ahead that we need to address together. The first challenge is public safety. It is the primary duty of government to provide security so that citizens are free to exercise their liberties. To make Ontario safe and to stop crime before it happens, we should put more peace officers (on foot, on bicycles, on scooters, etc.) in face-to-face situations with the citizens they protect and serve. More cops on the street and better communication with citizens will equal less crime in the community.
Other challenges include the re-development projects, especially the downtown renovation project, which will require strict supervision to protect the taxpayers from waste and neglect. These development projects require a simultaneous investment in needed social programs to continue to make the community attractive to investors and workers alike. We need more public transportation options, and we need to find a better solution to homelessness than “tent city.” And we need to act boldly and quickly to create “green” jobs by making major investments in solar, wind, and native landscaping projects.
Together there is no problem we cannot solve.
These and other policy matters need your input. To share your ideas and concerns please contact Ken White at
And be sure to vote on November 4th.

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