MaryAnne Margaret Avila, Ontario-Montclair School District board candidate

I pledge to dedicate myself to bring administrators, teachers, and parents together to focus on common responsibility towards a successful goal of all our children’s education. I will utilize my people skills, knowledge, and effective experience to endeavor to create,re-discover and promote resolutions to solve our children’s barriers to learning and especially those underserviced and displaced children with Special Educational needs.
I will work tirelessly to help create educational policies that will produce a well rounded education for all our children’s intellectual development, instead of being stuck in mire of mechanical like teaching to satisfy standard tests that are not subjective assessments of any child natural abilities. Any and all schools should foster an exhilarating atmosphere for learning to each and all children. All the while, retaining the effectiveness of creativity of building blocks of sound teaching for our children’s future! The preparation for higher learning starts from early elementary progressive stages of education.
Its not a secret that our Middle school dismissal hours ends at 2:30 P.M. And its no surprise most parent working hours end in most cases at 5:00 p.m. That added with commute time creates a vacuum of potential unsupervised Middle school age children where unnecessary trouble and problems occur. This will be an area of corrective challenge for me to help benefit everyone and especially for concerned parents. I also want to work to restore fair- common- sense compensatory rewards to Classified Employees for their unrecognized dedication and hard work.
I solemnly vow to you, the parents of Ontario-Montclair District,that I will always place the best and foremost interest of students and parents First!
23 years as a State Counselor-retired, with the State Employment Development Department.
5 years, with the California Department of Corrections, Pomona’s Parole Community Division.
-Former San Bernardino County’s Grand Jury (3×1 year terms) and elected its Secretary.
-Former elected Ohio State President for AFL-CIO DALU 1794.
-Former appointed member (1994-97), City of Ontario’s Community Block Grant Commission.
-Former elected state Treasurer of California International Association of Personnel Services.
-Former School campus Counselor for Walnut High School, Diamond Bar High School, and La Verne University’s students.
-Former member of San Bernardino County’s Superintendent’s Advisory Committee.
-Former Chair/Judge of San Bernardino county Superintendent of schools’ Academic Decathlon.
-Ontario’s Police/Citizens academies certifications of completion.
-Elected Vice President of Ontario’s Hispanic Heritage.

Ron Sakala, Cucamonga Valley Water District board incumbent

I have been a resident of Rancho Cucamonga since 1972 and a local businessman in this community for over 36 years. I received my degrees from Chaffey College and California State University San Bernardino. I have been married to my wife Linda for over 40 years and we have two grown children who we are very proud of. I am also a veteran of the United States Air Force. I have been endorsed by Rancho Cucamonga community business owners well as state, county and city civic leaders.
I believe being a Director of CVWD is not just going to the two monthly board meetings, but being involved in our community on a daily basis. I have done this for many years. As an incumbent, if elected, I will continue to be actively involved in our community and listen to what our residents have to say. I have been the past Chairman of the Chamber of Commerce, Chaffey College Citizens Oversight Committee, Director and member of Rotary, United Way and Library Foundation, just to name a few.
As a Director of CVWD District Board of Directors, I have worked to further develop our groundwater production, utilize recycled water where possible and further develop our water conservation programs and outreach. We have worked to reduce our need for expensive imported water from Northern California and I will work for you to continue this in the future.
I will work to develop a larger recycle water distribution system for large landscapes and industrial customers. Recycled water is reliable, sustainable and renewable. Combined with conversation, recycled water can provide a more reliable water source to customers during times of drought or limited water usage situations.
I will continue to work with our local, state and federal elected officials to ensure we receive the proper funding for future water projects so as to reduce the financial impact to our customers. Rancho Cucamonga has one of the lowest water rates in the Inland Empire. CVWD has a history of minimizing operational costs, and I will continue to make this a priority.
My mission statement is very simple: To ensure customer satisfaction by consistently delivering high quality water and service in a cost efficient, environmentally responsible manner today and for the future.
I respectfully ask for another term as Director for CVWD. Please for me on Nov 4th.

Paul Russell, Colton Joint Unified School District board candidate

My name is Paul Russell and I am running for the Colton Joint Unified School Board, Trustee Area 1. I worked 38 years for the District as a teacher and Athletic Director at Bloomington High School. I also worked as a long-term substitute in the 2006-07 school year. I am well aware of the success and failures in the district. I support safe schools, raising test scores, including the proficiency level of students, district-spending accountability, reducing the drop-out rate, expanding college and vocational opportunities, increase work ready and college prepared graduates, and increasing parent participation, especially in the upper grades.
I believe the District is well on its way to solving some of the above mentioned problems with the new Strategic Plan developed during the 2007-08 school year. I would like to be part of the School Board that ensures that this plan is implemented. I want to ensure that the Strategic Plan and the District Assistance and Intervention Team (DAIT) actions are in agreement.
I want to be part of the Board that ensures that District dollars are spent in the best possible way to help students achieve success, in test scores, graduation and being prepared to succeed in life after they leave the District. I believe the District is vigilant about spending tax dollars, however I want to make sure that this continues, particularly if Measure G (a school bond) passes.
I want to make sure students are prepared for life after school. I feel that students going to college should have the best preparation possible. I would also like to see the number of students going to college increase.
For those going into the work force, I feel that the curriculum needs to be expanded, either by the District or through the Regional Occupation Program (ROP).
Parent involvement with schools and with their students is critical.
Schools need to be aware of parent’s wants and needs. Without this input schools are hampered in their ability to provide the services need by parents and students. I would like to expand the programs that help parent’s deal with problems like homework, and the importance of keeping students in school.
I feel that by being elected I can use my experience and expertise in implementing and supervising programs that are designed by the District to ensure student success.

Paul Vincent Avila, Ontario City Council candidate

The struggling working residents of Ontario beg for their own effective voice that is not being drown and stifled by the good-ol’-boys self-serving empowerment. There is not one Democrat on City Council! Theres not one combat veteran on Council! There is not one Mexican-American on City Council who is proud of his cultural heritage! So whats all the hullaballo, its designed to stigmatically smear my best shot for election as the only Mexican-American name on the ballot? it’s about City Council race outcome! It’s about fleeting empowerment grasp of the good-ol’-boys of OMSD’s old vanguard.
I have resided in Ontario for 31 years, many of you know of my many contributions for parents, children, and Classified employees. I sincerely extend caution to you to beware of outsiders bearing special interest group endorsements!
Why is the North western/eastern and older south Ontario areas continues to be neglected? Why are not installation speed bumps that would greatly act as safety deterrent to protect children and senior citizens from reckless speedsters near Palmetto ave. and Locust street? What about “Rick Rodriquez’s dead-man’s-turn” near the the intersection of South Palmetto and Philadelphia Avenues?
Why is the city Council not “hearing” the will of the affected residents who continue to rally for reasonable justice and their ongoing litigated protest clearly means they don’t want Super-Wal-Mart facility in their neighborhoods? What about the effects of ehausts fumes from the projected increase in congestive traffic that will potentially affect the breathing health of children and senior citizens?
Ontario’s population has increased to nearly 180,000, then, why are trash and water surcharges fees continue to skyrocket? Should it not be the downward?
Why is there not one Democrat on City Council, even though, Ontario’s Democrats residents dominate by 46.5% over 34.1% compared to registered republicans?
-12 years, elected (3×4 years terms) as Governing Board Member, Ontario-Monclair School District.
-Viet Nam Combat Veteran (68-70) cited for valor, 4/47th Mobile Riverine Task Force, 9th Infantry Division, United States Army.
-23 years of honorable public service with California State Employment Development Department.
-5 years of dedicated service with the Department of Corrections/Parole Community Division.
Paul proudly endorses MaryAnne Margaret Avila and Mario Solis Jr. for Ontario-Monclair School District Board.
-Former San Bernardino County Grand Jury’s Jurist/elected Jury’s Secretary.
-Former elected President of CSEA Eastern District (33,000 employees).
-Former Chair/Judge for the San Bernardino county Superintendent’s of School’s Academic Decathlon.

Janice Reynolds, Rancho Cucamonga city clerk candidate

As City Clerk, I will represent you fairly and without bias in your rights to openness and integrity in local government matters that impact your neighborhoods, businesses, and community.
As a proud resident of Rancho Cucamonga since 1978, I am committed to preserving its past and recording its future. In my 30 years of public service, I have acquired knowledge of Rancho Cucamonga and an understanding of what is important to its citizens. I have technical experience in all aspects of records management, public bids and contracts, the California Government and Municipal Codes, and the production of accurate meeting minutes. I will use my experience and knowledge to assist you with issues of interest or concern. I am committed to quality customer service to all, with emphasis on ethics, integrity and professionalism.
As an advocate of open government, I will strive to make City government accessible and responsive to the community by ensuring that the legislative process including City elections, City Council and Commission meetings are open and public.
I am committed to preserving the history of Rancho Cucamonga while preparing for the future by reporting in a fair and impartial manner, and will continually strive to provide innovative easy access to public records.
I believe that voters should choose a candidate based on qualifications and not political endorsements; therefore, I am neither seeking nor accepting endorsements in my candidacy for City Clerk. I want to represent you, the citizens of Rancho Cucamonga fairly and without bias in your rights to open government, recording and preserving City records, and your ability to access accurate records.
As you vote for City Clerk, I ask that you focus on the facts:
The records of the City Clerk are permanent records admissible in a court of law.
The City Clerk must effectively and efficiently meet all statutory obligations with respect to elections, records, and activities of the City.
The City Clerk is the main communication point between the community and the City by assisting the public in obtaining information in order to maintain the integrity of open government.
Knowledge, technical skills and experience result in a City Clerk who is ready to be your partner in democracy.
I take this obligation seriously and will uphold the trust and integrity of the City Clerk that the citizens of Rancho Cucamonga expect and deserve. I would be honored with your vote on November 4th.

Michael Mendez, 61st Assembly District candidate

My name is Michael Mendez and I am the endorsed Libertarian candidate for the 61st state assembly district. I reside in Montclair. The 61st state assembly district currently covers the cities of Chino, Montclair, Ontario, Pomona and other small portions of adjoining regions of San Bernardino county and Los Angeles county. I understand this government position is as a representative of citizens from the 61st state assembly district in regards to Sacramento. I can be a peace-keeper and I am beholden to no established state political structure. My professional background is mostly in groundwater-researching locations for new wells or researching groundwater concerns of existing wells. I currently work at a Carl Zeiss Vision lab. I enjoy overseeing projects and I am invigorated by setting an order to chaos.
I am blessed with abundant energy and I tend to be optimistic. I am a perpetual student. I am not a politician. I would be a little myopic in the beginning of this type of position, but soon would pick up the flow of the legislative environment. At this moment, my immediate concerns for the 61stwould be to curb the violence in our cities and to make sure of the secure treatment of our injured soldiers from military zones of combat. I have enjoyed and will continue to enjoy hearing the various concerns of the citizens of the 61st-far after this campaign is over. I am happy with life and look forward to the future of our district, the 61st. Thank you for your attention.


David Campio, Ontario-Montclair School District board candidate

David Campio has been a life long resident of Ontario and he is proud to be a product of the Ontario Montclair School District. He graduated from Chaffey High School, attended Chaffey College, and received his Masters degree from UCLA. David currently coordinates instructional programs and community outreach at Chaffey College. He understands first hand what it takes to help students to be successful and believes that programs designed to motivate students and to assist families must begin early on.
As a member of the Strategic Planning Committee for both the Ontario Montclair School District and the Montclair Community Collaborative, David already has extensive knowledge of educational programming and some of the challenges the district will face over the next few years.
David’s ability to inspire students and to work collaboratively with parents, educational partners, and the business community has earned him several awards for his leadership including the Edison International Award for Excellence in K-12 Education, and the San Bernardino County Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention Commission Award. The Online to College program, which he directs, has also received special recognition by Soroptimist International of Montclair/Inland Valley. The program has had a positive impact on student performance, and student’s attitudes toward school. Students who participate in this program have a higher GPA, take more college preparatory courses, and attend college at a higher rate than the students who have not been exposed to the program. David promotes an “I can succeed” attitude in students, and provides guidance to families about available financial support for higher education. Students learn about what they need to do to make their dreams come true and the program provides them with incentives and support along the way. David’s vision, dedication, and enthusiasm have been essential to the significant success of the program.
In his spare time, David operates an art studio in Ontario. The studio, “Clay to Concrete”, also serves as a cultural center and documents historical uses of clay and the distinctive contributions of diverse groups to the creation of Southern California pottery. As a school board member, David will protect the interest of the community through quality education that provides guidance to families and give children the direction they need to succeed in school and life.

Frank Schiavone, Rancho Cucamonga City Council candidate

In life, there are powerful words that touch us in profound ways and have lasting impressions on us. Such are the words of John Donne,
“No man is an island, entire of itself every man is a piece of the continent…any man’s death diminishes me, because I am involved in mankind and therefore never send to know for whom the bell tolls it tolls for thee. “
We all have value. We are all in this together. Not the least of us should be marginalized, ignored, or disenfranchised. All of our voices should be heard.
We do not have an aristocracy in America. We are “born not to the blood of kings but to the blood of pioneers and immigrants”. An individual’s value is not determined by how much wealth they have amassed, how many titles they possess, how many powerful people they know, or how well-worn their Bible is.
A man’s measure is the goodness of his heart and the “content of his character”.
In a democracy the government exists to serve the people – all the people. But with this gift that has been paid in blood comes responsibility and obligation. We are duty bound to participate for in a democracy the people are the “king”. If we are not vigilant, if we are complacent, the government quickly forgets who their masters truly are.
All too often, government has grown insular and arrogant. You have to have a ticket to be a player. Not exactly what our Founding Fathers had in mind.
I am running because I consider public service to be an honor, a moral imperative, and a sacred trust. I do not believe my city is poorly run. It is administered well. But we need a course correction. Rancho’s environmental policies have been reckless and short-sighted. We can no longer hold to this destructive path.
Now, who am I? I am a husband, a father, a grandfather, and just one more voice in this noisy cacophony we call democracy. What do I believe in? Honor, commitment, service, fidelity, sacrifice, compassion, fairness, and stewardship are the values I hold most dear.
I can say with certainty that I will be an alternative voice and that all will be heard, even those with antagonistic point of views, for that metaphoric bell truly does toll for each of us.
You may email me at

Marlene Baum, Cucamonga School District board incumbent

My name is Marlene Baum, and I am running for re-election to the Cucamonga School Board. The confidence that you have showed in me to represent you and your children is so special to me. I still have lots to accomplish, so I am asking you to send me back on November 4th.
I decided to run for re-election for all of the reasons and many more that I have listed below which are only a small sample of the wonderful things happening in our District:
1. The Ontario Center School has received the “Title I Achievement Award” twice!
2. Los Amigos Elementary School received recognition by the “California Business Community” for high student achievement, and was named “Honor Roll School” and received a “Star School Award!”
3. Cucamonga Elementary School received an HP Tech Grant for $35K in technical equipment. This grant will provide a superior technical experience for students thanks to Darren Alcala, Jenna Garretson, Jan Limburg, Sharyl Fleeman, and Crystal Cammon who wrote the grant.
4. Rancho Cucamonga Middle School received the “Title 1 Achievement Award,” was the only middle school nationally recognized by the National Reform of Urban Schools receiving its “Excellence in Education Award.” Thirty-four students participated in the countrywide Pentathlon and won 32 medals! The Department of Education has included RCMS in their “Take Center Stage” program: access for details.
II have been a strong Board member for ten years. I take every opportunity to learn and remain informed about the District. I constantly ask the Board to work on improving our governance, because it has become weakened due to poor leadership these past two years. I want to help restore our Board to a high-functioning, well intended, and focused Board who is able to work collaboratively with each other and not be mired in the politics that have no business in the meetings of the Board. With your support November 4th I will do everything within my power to work with the Board to reach out to you and the community and develop a working relationship that serves the students and help you to help your children.
I am proudly endorsed by the Cucamonga Teachers Association and supported by many classified employees and administrators.