David Dreier, 26th Congressional District incumbent

On our regular telephone town hall meetings, I’ve heard from families throughout the Foothills on the things that matter most – getting the economy back on track, getting American-made energy now, ending illegal immigration and tackling day-to-day challenges like reducing traffic and maintaining a clean, safe water supply.
The economy is clearly first and foremost on everyone’s mind. In this difficult climate, small businesses are struggling to secure credit to meet payroll. Consumers are struggling to get loans to buy a car or home, or even pay for college. People’s retirements are on the line. I believe we need to take careful steps to prevent this downturn from worsening, while protecting all taxpayers.
In order to promote economic growth and create jobs, I have consistently voted to keep taxes low, keep spending in check, and provide benefits to those who are struggling to find work. I have also supported housing legislation designed to assist families facing the loss of their home. Also key to our economic recovery is establishing an American-made energy supply with American resources and American jobs, something I have voted to achieve.
National security has been another constant topic of discussion. I have always voted to fully fund our troops and border patrol agents.
I have also strongly supported our veterans by voting to expand benefits like improved health care and enhancing the G.I. Bill of Rights.
On the local front, I believe working in a bipartisan way is key to results. As a result of a true federal-state-local partnership, my Democratic colleagues and I have brought home over $70 million to get perchlorate contamination out of our drinking water in the San Gabriel Valley. We are also increasing our local water supplies in the western Inland Empire with 100,000 new acre feet of clean recycled water annually.
Another challenge is reducing traffic congestion. My Democratic colleagues and I, working closely with local leaders, have helped secure nearly $30 million to bring the Gold Line Foothill Extension through the Valley to Montclair and build a strong relationship with the Federal Transit Administration to recognize its value.
Challenges remain, specifically getting the support of the Metropolitan Transportation Authority, but this is a fight worth waging together.
We’re in tough times and we need a bipartisan approach to solving the challenges facing our country and communities. I will continue fighting for you and I look forward to serving you in the next Congress.

One thought on “David Dreier, 26th Congressional District incumbent

  1. I can’t see why the Bulletin endorsed Dreier for re-election to Congress. Despite having been #3 in the hierarchy when the Republicans controlled the House of Representatives, he was way down the list for bringing benefits to his district. He ignored the known toxics in the groundwater which we drink. He let others take the lead in promoting the Gold Line.

    In addition, he flouts the House ethics rule against hiring a family member. His live-in lover is his chief of staff, travels along on official trips at taxpayer expense, and is vastly overpaid (only $500 per year less than the President’s chief of staff, which is much more than any other Congressman’s aide). All of this money goes into Dreier’s own household. The House ethics rule was designed to prevent this self-dealing, but Dreier gets away with it simply by not being married to his lover. He’s corrupt.

    I can’t believe that the Bulletin didn’t know all of this.

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