Dave Roberts, Alta Loma School District board candidate

My name is Dave Roberts and I am running for the open seat on the Alta Loma School Board. As a teacher and school principal for the past 37 years, I have the experience, training, background and educational insight to make positive contributions to the Alta Loma School Community.
Throughout my career I have been dedicated in my efforts to represent the best interests highest standards, and educational needs of children. My record of achievement points to the fact that I have been very successful in building learning and teaching environments where children always come first, and teachers are respected and celebrated for their dedication and expertise. That success has also been built on the belief that all stakeholders should have a voice in the decision making process, and that open, honest discussion and collaboration is key to problem solving and in setting direction for the future.
I believe that as a Board member and as a school community, we must be committed to excellence in all that we do, and that we concentrate on PEOPLE, big and little, as the centerpiece of the educational process. I believe too, that we must continually strive toward improvement in the quality of curriculum, and embrace best teaching practices that demonstrate increased student achievement while addressing the needs of their future. We must, as a school community, be agents of change for positive, long lasting improvement of our public schools.
Unfortunately, for the foreseeable future, many challenges face California schools, including Alta Loma School District. State funding for schools, federal and state program reductions, declining enrollment, and penalties contained in No Child Left Behind legislation are all concerns needing to be addressed by our Board, district administration, and the school community. There are no easy or quick fixes. However, I know that by working together, we can meet the challenges that lie ahead and at the same time continue to improve our excellent schools.
I believe that my record of success as a school site principal, my insight and knowledge of the educational community, and my years of hands on experience in California schools, all point toward my ability to make positive contributions to the Alta Loma School Board, the children, and the Alta Loma School Community. Your help in allowing me to make those contributions will be appreciated when you vote for Dave Roberts on November 4th.

One thought on “Dave Roberts, Alta Loma School District board candidate

  1. Hi Dave!
    Just saw your poster as I drove through Alta Loma. Good luck! You will be GREAT!!! Hope you win!
    Pam GArfield

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