George Hunter, Pomona mayor candidate

As the Councilman representing District #1 since 1999, I have worked with the Mayor and other councilmembers to make Pomona a better place for families to live, work, play, and shop. We have made improvements, but there is much left to be done.
After being urged by numerous friends and fellow elected officials, I decided to give up my council seat to run for Mayor in this election. My experience on numerous regional boards will serve the residents of Pomona well if I am elected Mayor.
Most problems we face are regional in nature. Pomona cannot solve them alone. I am currently Chairman of the Alameda Corridor East Construction Authority, Vice Chairman of the Gold Line Construction Authority, Treasurer of the San Gabriel Valley Council of Governments, and Chairman of the SGVCOG Emergency Services and Trauma Care Ad Hoc Committee. These positions have been important in bringing additional financial resources to Pomona and our neighboring cities that would not have been available to us had I not personally been there to fight for our fair share.
I can cite paramedic/firefighting helicopter assigned to our area for trauma care, the “quiet zone” for railroad traffic, and new street underpasses to avoid long delays at railroad intersections.
In addition to my regional positions, I have substantial local experience to bring to the office of Mayor. I have served or am serving as Chairman and a co-founder of the Pomona Anti-Crime Taskforce, a member of the Fairplex Blue Ribbon Committee, the Vehicle Parking District Ad-Hoc Committee, the Pomona/PUSD Liaison Committee, and the Pomona Planning Commission, among others. I am currently the Emergency Operations Coordinator for the Pomona Unified School District.
One accomplishment of which I am proud is the reinstatement of the annual Pomona Holiday Lane celebration which is the largest civic event in Pomona.
I have a number of specific goals in mind to accomplish in the next 4 years. One major goal will be to pass an Ethics Ordinance for the City Council — an effort that was killed last year but which I intend to bring back as Mayor.
I have been endorsed by the Pomona City Employees (San Bernardino County Employees Association) and Pomona Police Officers Association. These are the people in the trenches doing the day to day work of our City. To continue my efforts, I need your Vote November 4.

2 thoughts on “George Hunter, Pomona mayor candidate

  1. Mr. Hunter!

    What would you do to clean up the heavy drug trafficing on Cinderella Way in our once beautiful Area.The families are allowing this. How would you stop this. Other mayor’s just do a one time dog and pony show. Thank you for reading this.
    concerned homeowner.
    Warren Hunter no relationship

  2. This is the man for the job. Mr. Hunter his displayed honor, integrity and good judgement. I have personally discussed numerous issues with George Hunter and because of my 43 years with the Marine Corps and the Secret Service, I believe myself to be an excellent judge of character and leadership. There is no doubt in my mind that he would approach the office of mayor with a complete concern for every citizen of this city. This man deserves our vote.

    William Muncie
    Master Gunnery Sergeant, USMC (Retired)
    Administrative Officer, USSS (Retired)

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